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Tigres and Querétaro, a duel of different realities

The Apertura Tournament continues its course, and although 5 days have just been played, on the 6th date there will be a meeting that will be fundamental for the two main teams: Tigres and Querétaro.

If you look at the sports predictions, you will see that the "auriazules" are one of the great entertainers of the Apertura Tournament, while the "white roosters" are at the bottom of the standings.

Therefore, on Saturday there will be a duel of opposing presents, although both will have the same objective: add three.

That is why all eyes will be on the University stadium, since beyond the moment of both, in this sport there is always room for surprises.

This is how Tigres arrives

This team, which has become accustomed to fighting for the top positions, currently proves to be up to the Liga México predictions and is among the best positioned in the championship.

With three victories and one defeat suffered in the opening days, the team arrives with great confidence in what will be their next commitment.

Of course, Tigres is expected to win, at least in the previous one, but internally the players and the coaching staff know that they cannot relax and that they must face this match with the utmost seriousness because this is football and anything can happen.

This is how Querétaro arrives

The "white roosters" have not started in the way they expected or wanted and today they are well below what was expected by the Liga México predictions.

Therefore, with just one unit, things are complicated for this squad that cannot find a way around the situation.

Querétaro knows that he will have a very complex commitment on Saturday, and is aware that if he manages to add three to three, he will be able to rearrange himself in the table and also raise the morale of his players.

Background between both

These two teams have met 39 times in the framework of Liga MX, so they already know each other throughout their history.

At the moment, Tigres imposes a notorious superiority in the records of matches against each other, having stayed with 19 victories. In addition, the second result that has been repeated the most is the tie, with a total of 14 equalities.

In turn, Querétaro managed to win 6 times, winning very few times against this rival.

Therefore, all sports forecasts indicate that the great favorite will be Tigres, although there is always room for bumps.

The magnifying glass on…

The experienced French soccer player Florian Thauvin, who at 29 years old shows talent and maturity on the field of play.

The former Olympique de Marseille soccer player continues to show that he has a lot to give Tigres in his experience of Mexican soccer. With his speed and deployment, he not only stands out in front of the rival goal, but is also responsible for assisting and giving the team play.

That is why his presence on the pitch represents a constant threat to opponents. Meanwhile, Tigres fans enjoy his performances and celebrate his good moment.

The magnifying glass on…

The defender Jordan de Jesús Silva Díaz, who at 127 years old has been proving to be an important piece within the "white roosters" beyond the fact that the results do not accompany the team. And we must also consider that this footballer scored one of the two goals that the team has scored so far.

With his experience, he provides solidity in the last line of the field of play, brings composure to his teammates and also gives him an outlet from the bottom.

Therefore, having him will represent good news for the Querétaro coaching staff, who know that they need to win and that on the other side they will have a rival that is characterized by its hierarchy and offensive power. And what better way to counter it with a good defense?

Sports bets

Sports betting has become common, and even a tradition, within the football environment. And this meeting will not be an exception.

For the sports betting sites, it is clear that Tigres is the big favorite and that is why their eventual victory is only positioned at 1.50.

The draw is a very good alternative, since it amounts to 3.80. Meanwhile, the grand prize will remain for those who bet on Querétaro and this team manages to win, since they would take 5.75 for each chip bet, being the best possible alternative, although of course, it is also the most difficult.

In addition to guessing which team will be the winner, we can also decide who will score the first goal, how the first half will end, what will be the exact result with which the match will end, if there will be expelled and how many.

All these alternatives are more difficult to hit, although of course, your pay will also be higher considering that the chances of hitting will be lower.

The truth is that this is football, and once the ball starts rolling, absolutely anything can happen.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 9:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Brazil: 9:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 7:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Ecuador: 7:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Mexico: 6:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 5:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

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