Necaxa vs. Cruz Azul Pick & Prediction JUL 30TH 2022

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Cruz Azul and Necaxa will be face to face

The Opening Tournament of the Liga MX continues and the teams seek to obtain good results to get among the best classified, in search of a place in the final round.

However, the championship in question is always very disputed and there are teams that hit against sports forecasts and others that are below them.

On Saturday there will be a very special meeting between two historic clubs: Cruz Azul and Necaxa, who will face each other at the Azteca stadium.

And this match will be really special for both of them, since the two will want to add three to be able to continue climbing in the standings and become great entertainers of the contest.

This is how Cruz Azul arrives

“La Maquina Cementera” has not started in the desired way and is below the line of Liga México predictions and that makes its fans want favorable results to happen as soon as possible.

It is that until now, although the team won a victory, they also had to draw a match and lose two.

That pair of defeats has made a dent in the public, which hopes that Cruz Azul can recover as soon as possible and gain a foothold in the qualifying positions, taking into account what this team represents in the history of Mexican soccer at a general level.

This is how Necaxa arrives

The "rays" have also been having a certain irregularity so far, since they have won two games but they also had to fall in two others.

Although, at the moment, Necaxa would be within what was expected according to the Liga México forecasts, a new victory would catapult him to be even higher in the standings and he would manage to get among the best.

It will not be easy for Necaxa to achieve this goal, firstly because the season is just beginning and it will have to be sustained over time, and secondly because it knows that it will face a historical and powerful rival.

Background between both

The statistics are always present before a match of this style and their fans do not ignore them.

So far, these teams have met a total of 33 times in Liga MX. Cruz Azul leads the history with 15 wins to his credit.

In turn, Necaxa has been left with 11 wins, making the numbers really even. For its part, a total of 7 draws complete the record.

Therefore, in the midst of these numbers that are really very similar, it will be very complex to predict what will happen, so those who are dedicated to sports predictions will have a tough mission trying to meet that goal.

The magnifying glass on…

The goalkeeper Sebastián Jurado, 24 years old, has been the one who defended the team's goal in these 4 initial games and he has done it in a good way, beyond the final results.

Of course, having lost a couple of games, and having received some goals, it is expected that he can have an improvement in his performance.

The truth is that the goalkeeper in question, who is young to be a starter if we consider the usual age of goalkeepers, has been performing very well and has shown that he has the level to defend the Cruz Azul goal.

The magnifying glass on…

Forward Milton Giménez, who started in Atlanta in Argentina, and who later went through teams from the rise of that country such as Midland and Communications.

His arrival in first division football came from the hand of Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero. This season he landed in Mexican soccer, and has made it clear that he has a lot of potential.

At 25 years old, this player enjoys his good moment at the same time that he has to go through his first experience abroad, even having played very little in the highest category of Argentine football.

Until now, he has shown that he is up to the task, and in the next game he will try to do it again, so his presence will attract the gaze of his own fans and also those of others, who know that their definitions.

Sports bets

Fans of this sport place their sports bets for this match in advance, and analyze how to play their chips prior to this match.

For sports betting sites, it can be said that the favorite will be Cruz Azul, since in case of winning it will pay 2.10. For its part, the tie climbs to 3.10, while the big blow would be the victory of Necaxa, which rises to 3.80.

In addition to guessing which team will be the winner, we can also decide who will score the first goal, how the first half will end, what will be the exact result with which the match will end, if there will be expelled and how many.

All these alternatives are more difficult to hit, although of course, your pay will also be higher considering that the chances of hitting will be lower.

The truth is that this is football, and once the ball starts rolling, absolutely anything can happen.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 7:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Brazil: 7:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 5:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Ecuador: 5:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Mexico: 4:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 3:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

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