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Guadalajara vs. Pumas

An excellent local soccer game awaits us this Sunday 5/8, since the Chivas de Guadalajara will play interimly directed by Ricardo Cadena against Pumas commanded by Andrés Lillini. Although the two stand out above all for their irregularity, the truth is that those from Guadalajara have won the last four games with authority after having lost against Rayados de Monterrey 3-1 at home.

If they intend to continue this good run and continue in the next phase of the Mexican tournament, they will have to take advantage of their rival's defensive shortcomings and impose their style of play. It should be noted that this will be the first time they will measure forces in these instances, and above all they will face each other again in a local elimination round since the Clausura 2011 Semifinals.

On the side of those led by Lillini, they have not won 2 consecutive games since the mini string of victories they achieved against Juárez and Cruz Azul. As we will detail in the next section, it is key to highlight that the recent record shows a great irregularity in general lines, so that they are not a reliable team.

In addition to that, they recently broke sports predictions by slipping away in an unusual way what was an almost certain victory, and we are talking about the first leg vs. Seattle that ended up drawing 2-2 after leading 2-0.

Last 10 Guadalajara matches

It's a shame to know that, if it weren't for the 3-1 loss against Rayados at home, they could have reached 9 games undefeated. But since history cannot be changed, we must mention that in the last 10 they won 5, drew 4 and lost the rest.

Before the defeat that finally woke them up, they had won just 1 time, but after that match against Monterrey they won the next 4 matches that made it possible for them to participate in this important instance. They disobeyed sports forecasts by beating Cruz Azul 0-1 as a visitor with a goal from Calderón, and later achieved fundamental wins against Tijuana 2-1, Pumas 3-1 and Necaxa 0-1. In the last 10 matches, they have scored 13 goals and conceded 9, which leaves a positive balance of 4 goals in favor.

Last 10 Pumas matches

As we mentioned above, the auriazules do not arrive with the perseverance that Chivas does, since they could not chain 3 wins in a row and, of their last 10, they won 4, drew 4 and lost the remaining 2. Even so, they shattered the predictions for Liga Mexico vs. the first in the league, Pachuca, by beating them 2-0 with a brace from relentless Argentine center forward Juan Dinenno. Without that victory they would have been left out, which shows that it is a team that with ups and downs knows how to stand up in difficult moments.

One of the victories was logical and we talked about the match against Juárez, the last in the table, which they beat 0-1 as visitors, and the other was very complicated since it was against Cruz Azul 2-1. In all these matches they scored 13 and suffered 11, arriving at this game with a slightly positive balance of +2 goals.

Background between both

The match history shows us that Chivas has an advantage of 5 matches, since 60 matches were played, 17 were for the Guadalajara side, 12 for the Pumas and the remaining 31 were all draws. The most important games between them were the ones played in the 2004 series, which was a final in which the Pumas were victorious after playing the penalty shootout and winning it 5-4. However, in that same championship the Chivas beat them by a hefty 5-1, and in 2002 the auriazules got even and scored no less than 7 on their rival. In the most recent matchup, Chivas met Liga México predictions and won 3-1.

The magnifying glass on...

On the Guadalajara side, the magnifying glasses should always be placed on Mexican striker Ángel Zaldívar, who converted 4 goals in 12 and arrives with a fairly decent average in this important match. He is quite fast compared to his attacking partners and he kicks penalties like nobody else. In addition to him, Isaác Brizuela is a 31-year-old winger who has scored 3 goals so far this season and with that modest sum he became the team's second-highest scorer. It should be noted that, in terms of assists, Carlos Cisneros is the one who has the most, reaching 3 recently.

If we are talking about offensive power, it is necessary to point out that Pumas has a great advantage by having the Argentine center forward Juan Ignacio Dinenno who has scored no less than 11 goals in the season, and for this reason sports betting pays so little for his goals if we compare him with his teammates. He has a great header and is adept at holding the ball and distributing. In addition to him, we cannot forget the Ecuadorian left winger Washington Corozo, who, based on his speed, is capable of overtaking rival defenses and invading them with defensive problems. He has 5 goals in the season.

Sports bets

If it's time to talk about sports betting, we must say that they are in favor of Chivas's victory, since their winning odds pay 2, a tie 3 and that Pumas win is the most unlikely, paying almost 3.7.

However, in the event that you trust the offensive power of Pumas or doubt the defense of those from Guadalajara, the double chance 'Pumas-tie' pays 1.66 and that anyone wins is quoted at 1.33, very interesting to combine. In addition, if both score, you will pay 1.85 and if they do not, it will give you 1.9 for each peso you have invested.


Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay: 9:15 p.m.

Bolivia, United States, Paraguay and Venezuela: 8:15 p.m.

Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru: 7:15 p.m.

Costa Rica: 6:15 p.m.

Spain: 02:15 a.m.

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