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Puebla and Querétaro seek to add at the start of the Clausura

The 2023 season is already a reality in Mexican soccer, which is experiencing its first steps in the tournament and arousing the enthusiasm and illusion of all the participating teams, who seek to be great entertainers.

Within the framework of the 2nd date, Puebla will receive the visit of Querétaro in a match that will be very important to finish defining the start of both teams in this Clausura Tournament.

It is that there are no doubts that it will be a comparison that everyone will be aware of and that is talked about so much in the preview, since the specialists in sports forecasts do not finish deciding which of the two arrives better at this football event.

This is how Puebla arrives

The "franjiazules" had to face a tough match in the competition's debut, facing neither more nor less than Pachuca, the 2022 Apertura champion and one of the great favorites in the Mexico League forecasts also in this 2023.

After that arduous initial battle, Puebla will now try to show that it can fight and that it has a squad capable of keeping up, with the clear objective of qualifying among the top 4 to directly access the quarterfinals.

It is clear that this is just beginning and that the team will have to travel a long way during the 17 days that the regular phase of this Clausura Tournament has.

This is how Querétaro arrives

The "white roosters" know that this could be a good season and they will try to show that they can live up to what is expected of them in the Mexico League forecasts , since in fact they started adding as visitors against a historic and always difficult team as is America. And even more so after having played as visitors at the legendary Azrteca Stadium.

That goalless draw on Saturday allowed them to start with one unit and that was very favorable if you take into account the rival who was on the other side of the pitch, who has just been one of the finalists of the 2022 Opening Tournament, no more no less.

Therefore, after the aforementioned debut, there is speculation that Querétaro can once again demonstrate its good level and reap points.

Background between both

Since the 2002/2003 season, when the new "white roosters" of Querétaro appeared, there have been a total of 40 confrontations with each other.

Of the total number of matches played, 37 have been for Liga MX, while another 2 took place within the framework of the Copa MX and the rest for the InterLiga.

In total, Puebla won 17 times and that puts it ahead in statistics and also in sports forecasts .

Meanwhile, Querétaro managed to beat him 11 times and equalized 12 times. Therefore, it is a close record in which anything can happen, especially if it is analyzed that the latest records indicate very tight results.

The magnifying glass on...

The experienced offensive midfielder Federico Mancuello, who wants to show that his style of play is still valid and that he has a lot to contribute to Puebla in this new Clausura Tournament.

With his very good ball handling, he has made it clear why he can be decisive at any time, being able to change the course of a match with an assist or a good finish.

So you have to keep in mind that his presence on the green grass will put everyone on edge, as he is a player who usually makes a difference.

The magnifying glass on...

The Mexican midfielder Pablo Barrera, who at the age of 35 has become one of the great references that Querétaro has on the pitch.

This footballer is the captain of the team and with his experience he is the one in charge of guiding his teammates on the pitch.

It is for this reason that all eyes are on him, since he is a knowledgeable player with extensive experience behind him, and who now wants to take Querétaro to the top, just as he did at the time with Pumas and Cruz Azul, and even with the Mexican National Team on two occasions in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Sports bets

Fans of this sport place their sports bets for this match in advance, and analyze how to play their chips.

Before the ball starts rolling, we can say that for the sports betting platforms it is Puebla who arrives as a favorite and therefore his victory would pay 1.88. Meanwhile, a possible draw stands at 3.75, and a victory for Querétaro would be considered a bump since it climbs s 4.20.

That is why if we want to make a difference, in addition to guessing which team will be the winner, we can also choose who will score the first goal, how the first half will end, what will be the exact result with which the match will end, if there will be expelled and how many.

All these alternatives are more difficult to hit, although of course, your pay will also be higher considering that the chances of hitting will be less.

The truth is that this is football, and once the ball starts rolling, absolutely anything can happen.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 00:10 hours – D Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Brazil: 00:10 hours – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 10:10 p.m. – D Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Ecuador: 10:10 p.m. – Di Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Mexico: 9:10 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 8:10 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

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