Tigres UANL vs. Pachuca Pachuca Pick & Prediction AUG 7th 2022

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Pachuca will receive Tigres, the leader of the Opening Tournament

The Opening Tournament of the Liga MX continues its course and within the framework of the 7th date it will have a very promising meeting in the middle of its schedule. It will be on Sunday August 7, when the "tuzos" are measured with the "auriazules".

Pachuca started the championship in a great way but could not sustain it and fell several positions. For its part, Tigres went from less to more and today is in first place.

Therefore, with two teams that have a very marked style and that are clear about what they are playing, we can say that we will be in the presence of a match that can exceed all expectations and analyzes raised in sports predictions.

This is how Pachuca arrives

The "tuzos" had started in a great way, with favorable results that placed them in the first places during the initial days. Despite this good start, the team was losing points and at the moment it has 9 like other clubs.

Obviously, this team has a squad that has important and relevant names, so it is estimated that it is only a temporary bad moment, and that sooner rather than later it will be able to reverse.

Therefore, Sunday will be a good opportunity for Pachuca to show off their good game and climb positions in order to rearrange themselves in the table and show that they can be located just as the sports forecasts placed them in the previous one.

This is how Tigres arrives

The "auriazules" have shown from the beginning that they want to live up to the Liga México predictions, and they have done so based on good results.

After a start that was not the desired one, Tigres recovered quickly and had 5 consecutive wins.

In this way, with a total of 15 points, this team is in first place and is shaping up to be able to classify without problems for the next instance among the best positioned.

It is that although there are still many days ahead, what is concrete is that Tigres proves to be a solid team that is above their pursuers.

Background between both

Statistics indicate that these two historic Mexican soccer clubs have faced each other a total of 57 times.

In the general history, Tigres prevails by minimal differences, since it obtained 17 victories against 16 of Pachuca when counting matches for Liga MX, Copa MX, Copa de Campeones and ConcaChampions. The curious thing is that the result that was repeated the most times is a draw, which occurred 23 times.

In turn, if only the national soccer tournament in Mexico is taken into account, the "auriazules" also prevail by one: 16 to 15, and equalized 22 times.

Therefore, in the midst of so much parity, it will be difficult to guess what will happen according to what the Liga México previews indicate.

The magnifying glass on…

The goalkeeper Oscar Ustari, who comes from outstanding performances since his arrival at the "tuzos", which earned him to become the team captain.

Based on great performances, he guided Pachuca to the final of the Clausura Tournament and currently continues to be one of the figures that this club has on the field of play.

His presence transmits security and tranquility to the fans, who idolize him and have him as their great reference.

The magnifying glass on…

André-Pierre Gignac, the French striker who is still in force and who, indisputably, is one of the transcendental pieces of the team.

Once again, as he has been doing for past seasons and tournaments, he is the most important player in the squad. And this is not only because of his name, but because of his great football moment.

It is that he always proved to be up to the circumstances and with goals and assists he has earned the affection of Tigres fans.

His presence will alert and set off the alarms of the rival defense, while representing illusion for the fans of the "auriazules", who place their trust in his scoring ability.

Sports bets

Fans of these teams already put the chips for their respective teams in sports betting.

Through their computers or mobile devices, people have the option to choose what and who to bet on.

It is that the sports betting houses have already announced what the pay will be depending on the result.

Prior to the meeting, everything seems to indicate that beyond the moment that each one is going through, Pachuca would be the favorite since their victory is positioned at 2.35. In turn, a victory for Tigres scales to 3.05. The draw will be the best alternative, since it is located at 3.20.

Beyond guessing which team will be the winner, we can also decide who will score the first goal, how the first half will end, what will be the exact result with which the match will end, if there will be expelled and how many, among other questions that we can try to predict.

All these alternatives are more difficult to hit, although of course, your pay will also be higher considering that the chances of hitting will be lower.

The truth is that this is football, and once the ball starts rolling, absolutely anything can happen.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 8:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Brazil: 8:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 6:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Ecuador: 6:00 p.m. – DirecTV Sports, Claro Marca Sports.

Mexico: 5:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 3:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

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