Valencia vs. Atletico Madrid Pick & Prediction MAR 18th 2023

Stadium: Wanda Metropolitano Madrid
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Atlético Madrid wants to continue adding against a Valencia in emergency

The Spanish League continues its course and for the 26th date it will have a match that will take absolutely all eyes.

It is that on Saturday, March 18, the "colchoneros" and the "blanquinegros" will face each other at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

To everyone's surprise, Valencia is well below what was expected in sports forecasts and is second to last. Being in the low positions forces him to fight to maintain the category, instead of doing it for a title as his history demands.

The truth is that everyone is waiting for these 90 minutes that promise to be captivating, and one of those in which no one wants to miss any detail.

This is how Atlético Madrid arrives

This team had not had the best start to the season, it even left many doubts, lost unexpected points and there was even specific talk of a possible departure of Diego Simeone from technical management.

Over time, the coach managed to make a resounding change and the "colchoneros" began to add the points they needed.

They are currently in 3rd place, qualifying for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League, but they know that they cannot relax or give any kind of advantage.

Today they are where the Spanish League forecasts imagined them, although if one reviews what the tournament has been up to now, they will discover that it has cost them more than usual.

In their next match, against an always tough opponent like Valencia, they must add three to continue on the right track.

This is how Valencia arrives

The "che" team is far from what was expected of them, both by the people and by those who are in charge of making the Spanish League forecasts . 

The next match, like those that still remain to be played, could be key for this club, so representative of football in its country, which seems to have forgotten its glory days.

If they don't recover soon, it could cost them dearly. And what better occasion to react than against a weighty rival like Atlético Madrid, neither more nor less, since in addition to the victory it would be a very important moral injection for the entire squad.

Background between both

In advance, it is known that these teams have faced each other many times for everything they represent in Spanish football. In fact, they saw each other 179 times from 1934 to the present.

The record indicates that Atlético Madrid leads the duel by 70 to 61, being really close and counting with 48 draws.

If we refer only to the Spanish League, we will find ourselves with a 63 to 57, also in favor of the "colchoneros", being an even tighter result.

With the history in their favor and with a much more encouraging present, sports forecasts put Atlético Madrid as the favourite, although it is clear that this is football and anything can happen once the ball is in motion.

The magnifying glass on...

The Spanish Álvaro Morata, who usually starts from the bench, but every time he enters shows that he wants to have a chance.

This experienced center forward scored twice against Sevilla, for example, and continues to show that if he has chances he will take advantage of them.

If he manages to start, he will represent a latent risk for the Valencia defense. And if it's your turn to enter later, rivals also know they can't take their eyes off you.

For their part, theirs are aware that in him they have one of those players who just by being in contact with the ball can bring them closer to a new victory.

The magnifying glass on...

Portuguese midfielder Thierry Correia, who at just 23 years old has become the team's captain in the midst of a tough time.

In the midst of a squad full of youth players, to whom his inexperience is costing him much more than expected, he is the leader on the pitch.

All eyes will be on him to see how he handles the situation, and this young outside midfielder will try to show that he is up to the task.

Sports bets

The people who usually play their chips, and also the fans of these teams, already analyze the sports bets that they will be able to place.

The present of both teams is very different, that is why sports betting places Atlético Madrid as a favorite and their victory is listed at 1.64. For its part, the draw stands at 3.90, and a possible victory for Valencia scales to 6.0.

To all this we must add the possibility of choosing the result with which the first half will end, the exact score at the end of the game, which team will score first and other issues that will allow one to choose different plays that give good returns in case of hit.

That is why those who usually play their chips on these occasions will have a difficult task because what one can analyze in the previous one will be of little use once the ball starts rolling.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 5:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Brazil: 5:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 3:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Ecuador: 3:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Mexico: 2:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 1:00 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.