Responsible Gambling in Football Betting and Online Casinos: Tips and Tricks

Betting can be an enjoyable pass time activity when you’re favourites are playing and the odds are in their favour. As in most sports, the biggest tournaments are about to start; we present helpful tips to make the most of your bet slips. Betting on sports sites is heavily regulated in numerous countries and states. In others, it falls under a grey legal area, and people can get scammed quickly. Fraudsters and shady gambling platforms

Bettor’s psychology: hormone levels, motivation and preferences

The brain is a fascinating organ in our body. It releases chemicals and hormones according to our needs and behaviours. It adapts to our surroundings and creates new connections every day. Everyday activities influence our brain functions. The medical field conducted several studies about gambling habits, hormone triggers and changes during casino sessions. Let’s see some results and comprehend if there are any differences between sports and esports bettors and casino games gamblers. The motivation

Most Insane Super Bowl Stats

The NFL Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event of the Year. Over 100 million people are expected to tune into the big game next month, and with sports gambling becoming legal across the United States, I would expect that number to grow. Below we take a look at some of the craziest stats and facts about the Super Bowl. 1. MVP’s are Not Good Luck Since 2001, eight NFL MVPs have gone to the

Betting Terminology A to Z – Online Betting Terms Explained

sBetting Glossary Term

Unfamiliar with some betting terms? Do you have a problem understanding some of the phrases that are commonly used in the sports betting world? The experts of the Scores and Stats portal made this comprehensive glossary of terms, phrases, and synonyms every bettor should know. Our goal is to help novice bettors become more accustomed to sports betting terms, but also to help those more experienced players to keep up with modern phrases and new