Welcome to our rankings of the world’s best sports handicappers.

Our goal is to add some transparency to the “tout” industry. Filled with shady characters looking to make a buck - you need a name you can trust for reviewing handicapping services and that’s us!

We join and then meticulously track every handicapper/service listed in our rankings.



GameAdvisers.com has just relaunched with an all-new sports investment service. The company's proprietary machine-learning sports prediction software analyzes the incoming bets at several bookmakers. They're able to track real-time bets from the top 1% of experts in their respective sports to build a "sharp consensus" of the day's best bets. Anyone can track the performance of experts and view their complete betting history with return on investment (ROI) data that can be filtered by sport. In order to remain on the team, handicappers are required to maintain winning results.



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ScoresAndStats Premium is our newest feature for our valued readers. If you’re ready to take your handicapping to the next level, we offer a premium service. The service provides bettors with a betting report for every NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL game. All ranked college football and basketball games will also have a betting report. The report includes exclusive betting data, including where the sharps are betting and how much is being wagered on each outcome of a bet. Unlock this premium service for just $9.99/month. At this price, you can’t go wrong.



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Doc`s Sports


Doc's Sports has been the gold standard in the sports handicapping industry since 1971. They offer the only multi-optional guarantee of its kind in the industry. They have full time experts in NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, & College Basketball. Their College Football Big 10 Game of the Year won a record 19 years in a row during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. They are one of the few handicapping services whose powerful influence has historically moved the official line 3 to 6 points .



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How We Rank Sports Handicappers and Services

Results, results, results. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most to bettors buying picks.

We agree. Nothing else matters if the sports predictions are losing. We value long-term success and avoid the services promising a new “Play of the Decade” every single month.

There are a lot of aggressive marketing tactics used in the sports handicapping industry. Everyone promises the world, but only a select few turn out to be profitable over a large sample size.

The expert handicapping services ranked on this page have gone through our rigorous testing.

Here’s how we test every handicapper or service prior to writing our review:

  • Sign-up to Become a Member: There’s no point reviewing a handicapping service until we have experienced how everything operates and have at least three months of results.
  • Follow Recommended Bets/Stakes: We follow the service exactly as intended. We open up accounts with the recommended bookmakers and follow the staking plan.

*Often sports bettors won’t follow the same staking plan, which can skew the results. If the service has an advised stake for their predictions, it’s important to follow the system.

  • Explore Any Additional Content: Some services simply email/text picks and that’s it, which is totally fine if the service is winning and profitable (return on investment).

Handicapping services with additional content receive bonus points on our rankings, though.

Some of the types of content we like to see include explanations showcasing how the handicapper’s model/system works, handicapper interviews, how to betting guides and more.

While some bettors just want the picks, a lot of people want to become better sports handicappers.

  • Customer Service: Several factors are weighted in our customer service rankings, including response time, usefulness of response and whether or not there’s a detailed FAQ section.

We also consider the handicappers punctuality. For instance, during our initial testing period of three months, does the service provide the level of service that they promise?

Some services will flat out miss days and we feel that’s unacceptable when buying sports picks.

  • Write an In-Depth Review: If the handicapping service is profitable after three months, we’ll move to writing an in-depth review for our readers and we’ll add the service to our rankings.

We strive to be as detailed as possible in our sports handicapper reviews.

  • Continue Tracking the Service: Any handicapper or service listed on our rankings will have continued tracking for as long as the service maintains a rank.

Top 5 Factors Used for the ScoreAndStats Handicapper Rankings

We’ve already briefly discussed some of these factors throughout this page, but now we’re going to go into some more detail about the top 5 factors used for the SAS handicapper rankings.

  1. Profitability (Record + ROI)

You won’t see a handicapping service featured on our rankings unless it’s profitable.

We track the return on investment (ROI) for every service or handicapper, along with the record. The record is essentially useless, though, unless we also know what the average odds are.

Sports bettors expect to make money when they’re buying sports picks.

  1. Value (Pricing Structure)

A handicapper may be profitable, but if they charge $250/pick, it’s tough for the average bettor to still make a ROI. That’s why we strongly consider the value of a handicapping service.

There are multiple pricing models used among sports handicapping websites.

Some professional handicappers charge a fee for every prediction, whereas some services will have a monthly fee that gives bettors access to all of the expert picks that are released that month.

In most cases, sports prediction services will offer discounts for season/annual memberships.

  1. Long-Term Success (Transparency)

We value transparency and expect handicapping services to provide it.

Tired of the latest “Game of the Month” or “Play of the Year”? We are to. That’s just marketing talk and has no value to sports bettors. In fact, it should turn you away from the service.

The handicappers we rank here at SAS all maintain an archive of the picks they release.

This allows anyone to see how a service has performed historically. You have to wonder why any handicapping service wouldn’t track their results, unless they’re long-term losers.

All services need to have verified documented results to earn a spot on our handicapper rankings.

  1. Reputation (Legitimacy)

It’s important to trust the handicappers you follow, it’s your money after all.

Reputation in this industry is everything. We value services that have a reputation of winning over the long-term and that feature handicappers with proven track records.

We track the handicappers on our rankings in multiple ways. One of those ways is through social media, as we want to see how they communicate with their followers/clients.

Social media tracking is a great way to track the reputation of sports prediction services.

  1. Customer Service (Account Management, Quality Service, etc.)

It’s important for handicapping services to be responsive. We always test the quality of the support, the process to cancel/suspend an account and other account management issues.

Three Bonus Factors That Improve Handicapping Services’ Rankings

While not required features, we add additional ranking points when these features are present:

  1. Betting Intelligence (How to Guides, Handicapping Information, etc.)

We love handicapping services that offer more than just winning picks.

Handicappers that teach clients how to handicap sports, how to bet on sports, explaining terms and more, receive higher rankings, as there’s more bang for your buck.

  1. Range of Sports Predictions

A handicapper that excels at NFL betting is tough to find first of all, but one downside is that the season is short and sports bettors won’t have access to sports picks year-round.

This is where the all-encompassing handicapping services with multiple cappers present value.

At the end of the day, if a handicapping service is profitable after considering the cost of the picks then it’s worth joining, but it’s nice to have a service with daily picks year-round from experts.

  1. Recognizable Sports Handicappers

Some of the best sports handicapping experts have been in the business for decades.

While a lot of sports pick services are starting to utilize artificial intelligence (AI), it’s still nice to have recognizable handicappers with proven track records included in the service as well.

Consider Your Betting Style and Bankroll

When you buy sports predictions, you need to consider your betting style and bankroll.

The size of your bankroll is important because if you’re paying $50/pick, you need to bet enough to pay for the cost of the picks plus earn a profit. Even the experts only hit about 60% of their picks, so not every pick is going to be a winner. You need a big enough bankroll to follow the system.

You also need to consider your betting style and when you’re available to bet.

Joining a profitable horse handicapping service is fine, but if the betting tips are released at 3AM local time, you’re either going to miss betting the pick completely or get down at a worse price.

With mobile betting, accessibility isn’t a huge concern nowadays, but make sure you join a service that releases plays when you’re awake and have access to the internet to get down bets.