A1 Price Per Head Review

Verified October 2022
  • Four-week free trial
  • No up-front fees
  • Instant account setup
  • Fast bet grading
  • Offers live betting
  • Don’t offer a wide variety of deposit/withdrawal methods
  • Lack promotions other than the free trial
  • Relatively new in the industry, lack experience
  • Customization options are limited

Competitively priced PPH with a huge betting board, design options, and more offers great value for bookies. A1 Price Per Head offers a 4-week free trial that is a great starting point for bookies looking to grow their operations. 

A1 Price Per Head Review

A1PPH is headquartered in Costa Rica and has been offering its services in the pay per head industry for roughly a decade now. Bookies receive a complete turnkey solution that takes over the running of a sportsbook operation. Sportsbook owners can then focus on adding new customers and retaining existing ones.

The software allows bookies to run a sportsbook, casino, and a racebook all on one website. Line managers set lines on hundreds of markets daily and the options for gamers are seemingly endless. The benefits for bookies are also outstanding as every bet is tracked and detailed reports are available to help sportsbook owners get the most out of their customer base. A generous four-week free trial allows bookies to get accustomed to the software and is the perfect starting point for many bookies looking to get started in the business.


As mentioned, the software includes all the major sports leagues and many of the niche sports around the world. The racebook offers action at 75-plus horse tracks around the world and gamers can take advantage of the many casino games like blackjack, roulette, slots, and more. Live casino games are also available. What makes the software even more attractive is the ability to customize it. Bookies can set their own lines, betting limits, and more. It’s all possible with A1PricePerHead.

Customer Service

Customer service at A1 Price Per Head scores highly with agents available 24 hours a day, seven days each week. The best way to contact the customer support staff is by phone. Email support and a live chat feature on the company’s website are available as well. There are English-speaking agents as well as Spanish-speaking ones too. A1PPH works to set up all of a bookie’s players with accounts and helps bookies increase their online presence as well.


A1PricePerHead is a relatively newer provider of pay per head services in today’s market. The company has been around for just about a decade and offers a customizable all-in-one solution for the modern bookie. There are plenty of options provided for sports bettors. The racebook and casino add to the mix and help sportsbook operators maximize profits.

Pricing is competitive as packages can be as low as $7 per head. Customers start at $10 per head and receive discounts based on the volume of players they have. A1PPH offers a nice four-week free trial for all new customers. Try out the software with no fees and judge for yourself. Hit the 30-player mark and receive a per head price break.

Getting Started

Despite only being in the industry for about a decade, A1 Price Per Head has proved itself worthy of consideration among the best pay per head services in the industry. Its elite software stack provides everything from daily odds and lines to mobile website optimization to reporting features. The goal is to help independent bookies expand their businesses and grow. Growth means higher earnings in the long run.

Hundreds of agents trust A1PPH as their choice of sportsbook software service. A generous four-week free trial allows prospective bookies to get accustomed to and evaluate the company’s service. There are never any hidden charges and keep in mind that the sportsbook software is completely customizable.