Ace Per Head Review

Verified October 2022
  • Extensive Experience
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Advanced Software
  • Diverse Betting Options
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Complexity for Newcomers
  • Potential Overreliance on Technology

Ace Per Head Review

Ace Per Head is a leading name in pay-per-head (PPH) bookie software. Our fully managed platform offers a wide range of features, including automatic updates, upgrades, and industry-grade security features. We also make managing a sportsbook easy with 24/7 support, integrated score-tracking technology, bet tickers, SMS alerts, and fully configurable lines and limits.

Our independent bookies say several things about our services that differentiate us from the competition. The customizable nature of our platform is one of the most widely-beloved features. While we do have a professional line-moving system and employ expert oddsmakers, you can also use any device to set and customize your own lines.

Partner bookies also enjoy the control that they have over players. Player watch reports increase visibility, and you can see the activity of each player and big roller. This lets you stay informed when setting custom limits.

PPH Bookie Software

The proliferation of smartphones worldwide is far from a secret. Most people spend several hours on their mobile devices daily. Sports bettors are no exception, and about a quarter of them prefer making wagers on a mobile app rather than on a desktop.

You need to work with a provider who will help you set up a mobile-ready website. It should be easy for you to set up, but it should also be simple for players to use.

You also need configurable options to build your brand on your website. This means accessing a customizable template that’s tailor-made for sports bookies. Ace Per Head offers dozens of templates in which you can insert your brand information to make your sportsbook easily recognizable and memorable.

It’s also critical that you find a sports betting platform that offers all of the features you’ll need to thrive. Some basic features include: You’ll also need some sportsbook-specific features to build a bookie business.


Security is one of the most important features to look for in a sportsbook. You would traditionally work with a lot of player information, including full names, IDs, bank account information, and credit card numbers. Since people usually place larger bets on online gambling platforms, you are also responsible for privacy and safety.

You must use a sportsbook platform that values security. Multifactor authentication will go a long way, but it can’t be the only thing you rely on. Firewalls and eight-layer DDoS protection can also protect both you and your players.

Ace Per Head also takes things a step further by assigning random numbers to accounts. Your name won’t be on our network, and we’ll interact with you based on this numeric code. Player names won’t go to you or to your Ace Per Head partners; we’ll all identify them based on their code.

This ensures that there’s nothing to steal, even in a breach. Plus, since our team constantly tracks and monitors trends in your website, breaches are highly unlikely to begin with. We’ll nip any problems in the bud before you start contending with lost data and DDoS downtime.

Customer Service

Reputation: Ace Per Head also has a solid reputation. While competitors are hit-or-miss, our bookies note that our team is the most honest and legitimate option available.

One bookie who has been operating for 22 years states that this is the only bookie service that can match up to Ace Per Head. After seven years of utilizing our mobile-ready platform, this bookmaker vouches for Ace as “by far the best and most legit of the bunch.” In a world with so many scammers, it’s important to place trust in professionals you can rely on. You won’t need to worry about your reputation when working with us.

Highlights and Promotions

Six Weeks of Free Bookie Software

One of our most popular promos allows new bookies to get six free weeks of Ace Per Head’s services. However, it’s important to note that these weeks are not consecutive. When you deposit $500 upfront, you get one week free during each month of using our services.

This means that the six free weeks will come to you over six months. You can think of it as a 25% off deal for the first six months.

Many bookies like to sign up before the season of sporting events that they offer. PPH services mean that you pay for the number of active bettors you have, so you’ll pay more during a month when you have 200 players than in one where you have 20. Season months tend to have more bettors than those during the off-season, so you’ll get the most out of your promo this way.

Even as your number of players ticks up, your free weeks will keep coming!

Free Website Creation is another great promotion for budding bookies.

One of Ace Per Head’s proudest features is that we offer top-notch mobile-friendly websites to all of our bookies. Since you partner with us upon sign-up, we’ll help you design a great bookie platform. AcePerHead aims to create something easy for agents to use while still making it simple for players to place bets on the other end of the app.

That’s why we offer dozens of sportsbook-specific templates for web design. These templates are pre-made to meet bookie needs with score-tracking technology, Bitcoin payment methods, and in-app agent-to-player chats. They’re not generic templates or websites tailored to other types of businesses, which means that they’re an awesome way to meet your individual needs.

Still, we can design a fully customized website on request without a template, if you prefer. We’ll turn whatever you dream up into a reality.

This is simple with our free website promo. After depositing $200, you’ll get a .com website made with any of our main skins. If you want a 100% custom site, we’ll take $200 off the design quote.

Getting Started

Become a Successful Bookie Today

Analyzing and choosing between sports betting software can be a challenging and daunting task. However, Ace Per Head is the only real contender for the title of “best sports betting website.” Now that you know why we rise above the competition, it’s time to begin designing a mobile-ready bookie platform.

Spin our sports betting software review to your advantage with a free Ace Per Head’s PPH services promo. Create a custom package now to get one week free from every month of operating your sportsbook.

Ace Per Head also stands out because of our many promo options. We believe in letting people try our services before paying a lot of money. This is a great opportunity to make sure that we’re a good fit (and save a little cash while you’re at it.)

50% Discount

One of our basic promotions intended to save money is our 50% discount bonus.

When you take advantage of this promotion, you get half off your first five consecutive weeks of Ace Per Head. This requires an upfront investment of $250, but once you pay it you can begin creating a custom website. You can then save a lot of money while you get your sportsbook set up.

This is ideal for new bookies who want to hit the ground running. If you’re worried about startup fees and overhead costs, this promo is a great way to save money as you get set up. You won’t need to worry about putting out a lot of money while you’re still designing your website and collecting bettors.

Payment Methods

Since security is such a high priority, our team also works to keep you protected beyond basic security measures. We ensure that financial information is protected with Bitcoin payment methods.

Cryptocurrency is notably secure because of transaction hashing, proof of work, and transaction confirmations. More importantly, it’s untraceable. When you pay Ace Per Head your monthly fee or purchase additional features, you don’t need to connect a bank account or credit card to the network.

Your players will also place one-click bets from a pre-linked Bitcoin eWallet. This keeps their information off the network, too. It affords everyone security and peace of mind.

Ace Per Head encourages everyone to pay easily in Bitcoin. This keeps our entire network safe and secure. It’s also easy to expand globally because Bitcoin requires no transaction or conversion fees, so it’s a win-win.