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The pay per head industry is fast becoming the model of choice for bookmakers around the world. What the PPH providers have done is revolutionize how players play and maximize opportunity for you. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and start living your dream with Ace Per Head.

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The number one attraction to the PPH industry for bookies is the affordability factor. Many have the belief that operating a pay per head is expensive and it’s for rich folks. This is simply a misnomer.

At Ace Per Head, the start-up cost is $10 per head, per week. The fee can very depending on the level of service that you elect. Should you choose “phone-in-wagering” the weekly per head fee is a bit higher. There will never be a hidden cost. At ACE, you can expect to get what you paid for with no surprises. Highly qualified-English speaking agents are available to explain exactly what you are paying for and how much, it’s that simple.

The greatest benefit that you will find with ACE is their extensive free trial. This is not a run of the mill, week-long free trial, nor the type that says “sure, try our product but you can’t use any of the features”. Quite the opposite. ACE will allow you a minimum of a month to try the full product for absolutely free. Should you decide it’s not for you – no hard feelings.

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The best asset to any bookie business is fantastic, user-friendly, and customizable software. In order to be successful in the bookie business on any level, then you must chose wisely when thinking of software. It’s vital to your bottom line and vital to client satisfaction.

The beauty of doing business with Ace Per Head, the software is included, the bookie has to do nothing. You do not need special programming skills of any kind, you do not need to know coding, or webhosting. You certainly don’t need to be a writer or marketing expert. What you need is the desire to grow a business based on a fantastic website that is supplied to you through the highest quality bookmaking software in the industry.

Reliability is a number once concern in the gaming industry and doing business with ACE will ensure that your sportsbook is operational 99% of the time.

With Ace Per Head you now have the freedom to recruit clients and build your business the way you see fit. You no longer must be tied down grading bet slips or with accounting chores. For this reason alone you must jump on board with the best Pay Per Head Bookie Service in the gaming industry.

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As a bookie, the number one important detail that you must attend to on a daily basis is cash flow. This involves budgeting and wagering limits. The best way to keep all of the numbers on your side is by knowing the numbers and knowing exactly how much comes in and how much goes out daily.

You must know what players are beating you and what players you are beating. You must learn how to limit players and recognize players for who they are and the limits you must set for them.

There is only one feasible way of staying on top of the numbers, (because let’s face it, we know that you are probably not a numbers cruncher by trade). Reports: You must have them, you need them, and you must have access to them on demand, on a daily basis.

With Ace PPH, you will have unlimited access to accounting and player reports. Now you can stay on top of your players as well as your budget.

The days of old have long passed and running a corner bookie has now become a sophisticated operation. Players are trying to beat you, they are very good at what they do, and they have a wealth of insider information at their fingertips.

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It matters not how small or large your sportsbook may be, you can have three clients or 3,000 clients, what matters is EASY! Betting clients love easy and they want gambling on sports to be easy with you.

When players want live betting, you had better be on it and offering it, when they want and expect the best PPH Customer Service in the industry, you had better have someone they can call 24/7 and speak with an industry-knowledgeable, English-speaking agent.

With Ace Per Head you not only get a high-quality online sportsbook, you also get a state-of-the-art, Las Vegas style casino and racebook that that offers more than 75+ world-class tracks and that pays in “real-time” odds.

Bookies, stop killing yourself, stop doing all of the work. Ace Per Head is offering you a turnkey solution that’s second to none, and best of all, it’s affordable. Why not have the best in customer service for your clients as well as yourself? Why not have access to a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States?

It’s time to start focusing on building your client base and time to get away from the “busy work”. Sign up for a free trial today and change your life, change your clients life with Ace Per Head.

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Call Ace today toll-free at (800) 909-5193 or dial them up online at www.aceperhead.com. Freedom, wealth, and success is just a click or call away.

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