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PayPerHead247 is a relatively new Pay-Per-Head (PPH) service, but they’ve quickly gained a reputation for offering a superior product than competitors. If you’re looking to become a bookie or want to change providers, I’m going to explain the benefits of PayPerHead247.

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The price starts at $10/head with this provider, which is competitive, especially when you consider the features and service offered by PayPerHead247. If you have established a client base already, the price per player may be reduced depending upon volume.

You’ll only pay $10/head on your active players, plus there are no commissions to pay, no revenue sharing and no minimums. You pay one low cost for the software, support and reporting features. Everything is included at PayPerHead247, including a website.

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You may already have clients betting on sports with you, but a pay-per-head service like PayPerHead247 offers so much more. Not only do they have oddsmakers setting lines for sports around the world, but your players can gamble in a casino and bet on horses.

The online casino and racebook features can be disabled if you choose, but why would you? The house always ends up winning in the casino and offering an all-in-one solution for your player base will ensure that you retain clients and keep them gambling.

For a small or even medium-sized business, PPH is the way to go. There’s no way a small operation would be able to purchase the software, hire clerks to accept/grade bets and everything else that PayPerHead247 offers. If your clients are old school and would rather call-in bets, that’s possible, as PayPerHead247 has a 24/7 call center that accepts bets.

The software can be customized in hundreds of ways too. Basically, every feature can be disabled or changed. For example, you can set line profiles for single players or you can change betting limits on specific players, sports or bet type. Once you’re up and running everything will run like clockwork and you can focus on building your clientele.

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Using a PPH service makes running your business so much simpler. You’ll basically focus on attaining and retaining clients. PayPerHead247 will do everything they can to ensure the clients you bring on board are happy and continue betting.

As a business owner, data is everything. There are dozens of reports available to see how your business is doing at that moment in time. The agent management portal has many features, including player management tools, balances, at risk amount, open/graded wagers, financial reports, line and exposure reports, player history, open bets and more.

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You can have a sportsbook, casino and racebook up and running within minutes. You’ll have your PayPerHead247 account set-up instantly. Better yet, there’s a free trial to use the service, so you won’t even need to worry about paying any upfront fees.

Your players will be able to bet online using computers, tablets or smartphones. Your website will be mobile accessible, allowing your clients to bet on the go. As mentioned earlier in the review, your players can also call in bets using their account number.

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Here are the contact details for PayPerHead247.

Telephone: 877-386-0180

Email: [email protected]

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