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With literally dozens upon dozens of Pay Per Head providers on the internet, the task of finding one that’s trustworthy and reliable as well, just that; a task! With RealBookies you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for. Not only are you getting reliability, but you are doing business with a provider that’s been in business for more than 20 years. Bookies ask for a few, but very select things.
*Bookies are not picky, what they want is efficiency and RealBookies offers exactly that. Take a look at what they do offer.

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As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. This is true in nearly any aspect of business and it’s certainly true when dealing with a Pay Per Head provider. The rule of thumb for bookies; don’t be cheap! It’s certainly wise to be conservative, you should be saving a buck or two every time you find the opportunity, that’s what smart bookies do, however, be careful when jumping on board with a rock-bottom offer from a Pay Per Head provider. The rock-bottom prices are out there, and their reputation proceeds them; badly!

With RealBookies you will find a fair price that starts in the $7.00 neighborhood and goes up slightly, based on the level of service provided.

30+ players incentive. The more players you bring to the table, the more RealBookies rewards you. Many Pay Per Head providers do not reward their bookies for bringing in players, this provider does, and in a big way.

Instant account setup— With RealBookies, you can get your bookie business up and running today. Why wait? You want to have your players involved now.

With RealBookies, you pay only for the players that play. In other words, you may have clients that play once every two weeks, you pay for them only when they are active, and you pay for them only one time per active week. Your client may play as many times as they like for the onetime low charge.

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RealBookies has an added advantage simply because, at one time, they were sports gamblers themselves. They know the business. Anybody with money can open a website and call themselves a Pay Per Head provider, but these folks are different. Not only do they come stacked with 20 years of PPH experience, but they also come stacked with gambling experience.

RealBookies has their finger on the pulse of the sports gambler, they know what your clients want and look for, they also know what you the bookie wants and looks for. They understand what it takes to be a bookie and they can empathize with you, they have walked a mile in your shoes.

RealBookies offers a fantastic wagering menu that comes loaded with amazing options. As a bookie, you must build and keep a client base, and you must have cross-wagering action. In order to be successful at this, you must be offering an extensive wagering menu with an interface that not only works for you but most importantly, for your clients.

With RealBookies, you will find a plethora of benefits for you and the client such as “live wagering”, 24/7 access to accounting reports that all you to stay abreast of every dollar that fills your pocket, and every dollar that leaves your pocket. You must know where and how every dollar is spent. You are in this business to make money, not lose it.

RealBookies offers a state of the art, user-friendly, mobile interface. The vast majority of sports gamblers lead a busy life and they are often on the run. You want to work with them and if you want their business – you must work with them.

RealBookies offers a fantastic, world-renowned, Free Racebook, not only is it free, it offers over 70 tracks from around the world, which allows you, to pay track odds.

Casino and free virtual games are an equally important asset to any bookie. You must offer a casino. Sports gamblers get bored! Between the action, they like to play casino games. If you build it, they will come! RealBookies offers it.

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The bottom line is what matters to the bookie and there is only one way to ensure that your bottom line is growing. In order to keep that bottom line growing, you must retain your clients. In order to retain your clients, they must be happy. RealBookies has found the formula for keeping your clients in the fold. They offer the best benefits in the industry at a fair price that clients love. They get an automated platform, 80 sports leagues, 24/7 support, 70 horse racing tracks, a mobile-friendly system that’s reliable, live in-game wagering, 100 casino games, and it all comes with lines & limits control, by you – the bookie.

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Here are the contact details for RealBookies.

Telephone: 877-386-0180

Email: [email protected]

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