In this section we display the computer picks generated by our novel algorithm that is fed by bets from real players and other statistics to generate the best long winning picks term.

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What is a computer pick?

A computer pick is a recommendation generated by a system or program that makes recommendations based on an algorithm and the data that the algorithm gets fed.

How are the computer picks generated? computer picks are generated using a novel and unique system, invented by us and patented in Canada, by which we take bets in real time from our data provider's database, (it is a legal betting company that we are authorized to use the data as long as it is anonymous). We keep a ranking of the results of each of the players and by way of an algorithm we individualize in which sport, league, type of bet, time, teams are winners. With this data we generate a list of scenarios that are winners in the long term, each time the system finds value in the long term it generates a betting prediction from the computer.
Where does get the data from?
We have access to one of the largest databases in the world, with more than 100,000 active players.
How are SAS computer picks different from other services?
Most of the companies that offer computerized picks make applications or spreadsheets with formulas that generate simulations based on data. They make that simulation run about 100,000 times to generate a prediction. We use real players and real bets, we individualize, winners, losers and where the value of each player is.
How do I get the picks from the computer?
To receive picks from the computer, you just have to sign up for any of our plans: yearly or monthly and you will be able to receive our computerized picks.
How do I do if I no longer want to receive the picks from the computer?
Our service can be canceled at any time from the user panel once you have logged into your account with your email and password.
What games will I receive picks from the computer from?
We do not know that, because as we have noted, we do not simulate games, we simply look for value from a giant database, so we never know from which event the computer is going to generate a pick.
For how many games are picks generated from the computer on a monthly basis?
Although we cannot define a number, the service never offers less than 30 picks per month. Also remember that our motto is quality over quantity.