Our experts have many years of experience in bookmaking, moving lines, gambling for a living and have inside info. Get picks for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, US college sports, UFC and European Soccer. Follow their betting tips and win with the pros.

Premium Service Details


How does the service work?

It's very simple, by subscribing to our service you will be able to access each of the reports for pending games from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, collegiate sports and soccer games from European leagues, COPA Libertadores and other leagues. Our report shows the amount of bets for each possible selection in a sporting event, in addition to the amounts bet on each option, all our information is grouped by total and that total is divided between the general public and professional bettors (sharps).

How to access the picks of the experts?
To access the picks of our experts you must have a monthly or annual subscription, access your account as a user from our access page and there you have to access either the main page of the picks of the experts. Or on each page In league predictions you will find the picks of that league, and also on our games page you will find these picks on each of the games when we have them available.
What is a professional handicapper?
A professional handicapper is an expert professional gambler who sells his data in order to make a profit or to make his name known as a gambler.
Why would a professional handicapper want to sell his picks?
There are several reasons why a skilled handicapper would want to sell their picks. Although there are many reasons and each professional is unique, here are the main reasons for a professional handicapper to sell his plays.
  • A- Get more income: Like everyone, handicappers also like to earn more money and by selling their plays they get extra money that increases their ROI per play, it is also a way to ensure an extra business in addition to betting professionally.
  • B- Make yourself known: Many handicappers like to be the best, like anyone in a sport, in a particular game, in mathematics or any discipline that can be measured and evaluated, handicappers like to be the best.
  • C- Difficult to get long-term plays: If a handicapper is very good, then it will be difficult for him to bet using his name and have an active long-term account without being suspended or limited on the amounts that he can bet in a sportsbook. Being a handicapper he can sell his plays, don't bet on them, and still win with them.
  • D- Love to Bet: It is another great reason to be a handicapper, and one shared by most of them, each of them loves their job.
What is an expert pick?
An expert pick is a selection for a certain sporting event, a tip or advice on where to put your money, made by a professional who analyzes data, performs simulations and has many other strategies to win in the long term. More than anything he knows what bets to avoid.
How many picks per month will I get?
Although the number is not fixed since the experts make plays without thinking how many they are per month, we offer an average of 120 picks per month among all our experts. Quality is prioritized over quantity, that is the motto of every professional handicapper.
What data can I see from the experts?
The data that you can see from the experts refer to their winnings, streaks, and other pick data grouped by leagues and types of bets, you will be able to identify what type of bets you prefer to follow from each expert thanks to our innovative ranking system of results of experts and their picks.
How do I subscribe to the expert picks?
To subscribe to the expert picks service you can choose between the monthly plan and the annual plan, and you can subscribe from our prices page subscription. Remember that payments are processed by Stripe and we do it this way to guarantee our clients security from a leading online payment processing company.
How do I cancel the service?
Our service can be canceled at any time from the user panel once you have logged into your account with your email and password.
Do you guarantee that all picks win?
Clearly no one can guarantee that all picks win, what we can guarantee is that all our experts are long-term winners and handicappers and that we save, process and analyze each of their plays to have a 100% exact balance on how much he has bet on each pick and when he has won, and all that ordered by leagues and types of bets.
a. Handicappers Rankings:

See the results ranking of our experts (Handicappers), here you can see their results grouped by different types of bets, sports and leagues. You can also access the profile of each of our experts and learn more about their profile and picking history.

How is the ranking of expert results generated?

We generate the ranking of the experts' results by individualizing each of the picks that they generate, saving the pick, simulating a bet for each of the picks with a predefined value by the system that is equivalent to one bet unit. In addition, we track the result of each of them grouped by leagues and type of bet. This way you can, for example, know which is the best expert on betting the total points in the NBA or which is the best in money lines in the NFL.

What data is used to generate the ranking?

Total bets, bets won, bets lost, amount wagered (risky), profit obtained, total ROI and streaks, all grouped by leagues and type of bets.

What does ROI mean?

ROI is the abbreviation of Return on Investment, as in any type of business or investment that one makes it is always important to know the return on investment measured in percentage.

b. All Picks

On this page we collect all the pending and past picks of our experts, you can filter by type of bet, sport or league to find the information you want from our professionals.

What is a betting pick?

It is a recommendation made for a certain sporting event or event where bets are taken in Las Vegas.

What is a money line bet?

It is a recommendation made for a certain sporting event or event where bets are taken in Las Vegas.

What is a spread or handicap bet?

It is a recommendation made for a certain sporting event or event where bets are taken in Las Vegas.

What is a total bet?

It is a recommendation made for a certain sporting event or event where bets are taken in Las Vegas.

How to read the odds in American format?

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How to read the odds in European format?

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