La Angels vs St. Louis Cardinals Picks and Predictions May 13th 2024

LA Angels Angels vs St. Louis Cardinals MLB Mon, May 13, 21:38 pm.
LA Angels Angels
ML: -105
St. Louis Cardinals
ML: -115

Jo Adell’s Comeback: Angels’ Rising Star Shines Bright

As the Los Angeles Angels get ready to square off against the St. Louis Cardinals in Anaheim, the spotlight is firmly on Jo Adell, whose recent hot streak is turning heads and flipping scripts.

Jo Adell’s Evolution: From Hopeful to Hero

Jo Adell was a top pick in the 2017 MLB Draft and he’s been on a rollercoaster ever since he stepped into the majors in 2020. It’s been a rocky ride with the Angels, filled with more downs than ups, but it looks like their patience is finally paying off. This season, Adell is stepping up big time, proving he’s more than just a stand-in for the injured Mike Trout—he’s a major player in the Angels’ lineup.

Adell’s Breakout: Heating Up the Bat

This April, Adell was on fire, hitting a .327 average with four home runs and 11 RBIs, and rocking a .995 OPS. But then May hit, and suddenly, Adell couldn’t buy a hit, starting the month 0-for-16. This time, though, the team stuck with him instead of sending him down. That faith seems to be well-placed as Adell turned things around dramatically, going 5-for-17 with three homers and six RBIs in just five games. That’s what comeback stories are made of.

Stepping Up His Game

Adell himself says he’s been tweaking his approach at the plate, zeroing in on pitches he knows he can smash. “Early May was rough. I was missing my pitches. We went back, reviewed the tapes, and I refocused on attacking the right pitches early in the count,” Adell shared. This change hasn’t just boosted his batting stats; it’s cut his strikeout rate from a ghastly 35.4% in previous seasons to a much more manageable 24.8% this year.

Manager’s Corner: Ron Washington Weighs In

Angels manager Ron Washington has nothing but high hopes for Adell, noticing big strides in his game on both sides of the plate. “He’s just getting started,” Washington remarked. “Watching him grow, from a raw talent to where he is now, it’s like watching someone grow up right in front of you.”

What’s Next for Adell

With the Angels gearing up to take on the Cardinals, who just broke a rough seven-game losing streak, Adell’s performance will be crucial. The Cardinals are looking to keep their momentum, and the Angels are counting on Adell to help lead the charge with his bat and his newfound swagger.

Wrapping It Up

Jo Adell’s rise from a struggling newbie to a key asset for the Angels is not just a win for him but a huge boost for the team. As he steps onto the field against the Cardinals, Adell is not just playing; he’s proving he’s a vital part of the Angels’ present and future. Everyone’s eyes will be on him as the series kicks off, rooting for this tale of resilience and determination to add another chapter of success.

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LA Angels Angels
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St. Louis Cardinals
U 8.5
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