La Angels Angels vs Kansas City Royals Picks and Predictions May 10th 2024

LA Angels Angels vs Kansas City Royals MLB Fri, May 10, 21:38 pm.
LA Angels Angels
ML: 100
Kansas City Royals
ML: -120

Nolan Schanuel: The Angels’ Game Changer in Epic Clash with the Royals

Nolan Schanuel is the buzz of the town as he gears up to lead the Los Angeles Angels in a crucial showdown in their series against the Kansas City Royals. Hailing from Florida Atlantic University, Schanuel’s fast-track rise to the big leagues has been nothing short of a cinematic sports drama. His latest gameplay tweaks? They’re talking points for a season marked by both challenges and breakthroughs.

Nolan Schanuel’s Whirlwind Ascent and Game-Changing Adjustments

A Meteoric Rise to the Big Show

Drafted 11th overall just a blink ago, Nolan didn’t waste any time proving he belongs in the majors. After just 22 games in the minors, the Angels brought him up, and he nailed a .275 average and a .402 OBP in his rookie season—talk about making an entrance! His solid debut locked down a starting spot this year, setting the stage for even bigger plays.

Tackling the Slump with a Strategic Pivot

Every hero faces hurdles, right? Early this season, Schanuel’s stats took a nosedive—batting just .093 after 14 games. But instead of buckling under pressure, he pivoted back to his roots, ditching the power-hitter mindset to embrace his more natural, free-flowing style. The result? A sweet .324 batting average over the last 19 games.

Reflecting on this shift, Schanuel shared, “I was pulling off the ball, trying to hit homers. J-Wash (hitting coach Johnny Washington) and (offensive coordinator Tim) Laker sat me down and brought me back to my successful basics from last year.”

Pitching Matchup: Stories of Redemption and Consistency

Angels’ Ace: Griffin Canning

Griffin Canning is on tap to start for the Angels, and he’s all about turning his season around. Despite a rocky start with a 1-4 record and a 6.69 ERA, he’s coming off a game where he held it down, allowing just two runs over six innings against the Cleveland Guardians.

Royals’ Comeback Kid: Alec Marsh

Alec Marsh is stepping up for the Royals, ready to build on his post-rookie glow-up. After a rough first season, he’s dialed in a 2.70 ERA and a perfect 3-0 this year. Fresh off a rehab start with four scoreless innings, he’s primed and pumped to take the mound.

Marsh reflected on his journey, “Last year, I think I rushed things. Now, I’m all about keeping calm, smoothing out my mechanics, and it’s paying off big time.”

The Bigger Picture: High Stakes and Strategic Plays

As the teams prep for tonight’s game in Anaheim, the air is thick with anticipation. It’s not just another game; it’s a strategic battlefield. The Angels are counting on Schanuel’s renewed mojo at the plate, while the Royals are banking on Marsh’s bolstered arm. It’s a chess match of strategy, adaptation, and sheer will.


With Nolan Schanuel back on form and a gripping pitching duel on deck between Griffin Canning and Alec Marsh, tonight’s matchup between the Angels and Royals is set to be a standout. Fans, get ready for a night of smart, resilient baseball where strategy and heart are the keys to victory.

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LA Angels Angels
O 8.5
Kansas City Royals
U 8.5
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