Houston Astros vs Oakland Athletics Picks and Predictions May 14th 2024

Houston Astros vs Oakland Athletics MLB Tue, May 14, 20:10 pm.
Houston Astros
ML: -175
Oakland Athletics
ML: 145

Alex Bregman’s Hot Streak Sparks Hopes of Consistency for Astros

Alright, let’s talk about Alex Bregman, who just lit up the field in a way we haven’t seen in a minute. This guy went 3-for-3 against the A’s, smashing two homers and clocking in four RBIs, leading the Houston Astros to a comfy 9-2 win. This might just be the jumpstart he needed, especially since we’re just kicking off a four-game series. Could this be the turnaround for Bregman who’s been kinda off his game lately? Let’s dig in.

Bregman’s Rough Patch and Possible Comeback

So, Bregman hasn’t exactly been killing it this season—his batting average was stuck at .201, and an OPS at .534, which is way off his usual pace. But with this latest game, it feels like he’s shaking off the slump. It’s only his sixth career game with multiple homers, and considering he’s hit just one other homer this season, that’s a big deal. The guy’s a two-time All-Star and was almost MVP in 2019, so we know he’s got the skills.

What’s Working for Bregman?

It looks like some tweaks by the Astros’ management might be paying off. Bregman batted sixth for the fourth time this season, and it seems like this new spot could be a sweet one for him. Plus, he hit the cages early on game day, which might have helped him get his groove back. It’s these little changes that might just keep his stats up for the rest of the season.

Up Next: A Tough Matchup and Team Vibes

Next up, Bregman’s facing JP Sears, a lefty who’s been on a roll with two straight wins. It’ll be a tough one, but Astros’ skipper Joe Espada’s got nothing but praise for Bregman’s grind and the spark he brings to the team. Everyone’s watching to see if he can keep up this energy.

Shoutout to the Pitching Crew

Can’t forget the pitchers—Ronel Blanco’s stepping up to the mound next, rocking a solid 4-0 and a 2.23 ERA. His arm, combined with Bregman’s bat heating up, could really set the tone for the rest of this series against the Athletics.

What’s Next for the Astros and Bregman?

All eyes are on Bregman now to see if he can keep this up. The Astros are tweaking things to get the best out of their lineup, and how these adjustments play out could make or break their climb in the standings.

So, there you have it—a deeper look at Alex Bregman’s standout game and what it could mean for the Astros moving forward. Whether you’re a stats geek or just love the game, this moment is one to watch.

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Houston Astros
O 8.5
Oakland Athletics
U 8.5
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