Oakland Athletics vs Colorado Rockies Picks and Predictions May 23rd 2024

Oakland Athletics vs Colorado Rockies MLB Thu, May 23, 15:37 pm.
Oakland Athletics
ML: -125
Colorado Rockies
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Ultimate Showdown: Rockies vs. A’s Series Finale

The Colorado Rockies and Oakland Athletics are gearing up for a thrilling finale to their tightly contested series. Both teams have one win each, making Thursday’s game the ultimate decider. Despite their struggles this season, the Rockies and A’s have delivered exciting, close games, with late-inning heroics and crucial home runs defining the series.

Series Overview and Context

This series has been a nail-biter, with the Rockies and A’s sporting nearly identical records of 32 and 31 losses, respectively. Each game has gone down to the wire, showcasing the competitive spirit of both teams despite their overall performance this season. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the fans, and the finale promises to be just as exhilarating.

Game Highlights and Key Performances

Game 1: A’s Victory

In Game 1, Abraham Toro hit a game-winning solo home run in the eighth inning, giving the A’s a narrow 5-4 victory. Home runs were the name of the game, with six homers accounting for most of the runs scored. It was a classic example of clutch hitting and high-stakes drama.

Game 2: Rockies’ Resilience

Game 2 saw the Rockies bounce back with Ryan McMahon securing the win with a two-run homer in the 12th inning, leading to a 4-3 victory. McMahon’s performance was crucial, especially in a high-pressure situation where a simple contact play was needed. His ability to deliver when it mattered most kept the Rockies alive in the series.

Player Impact

Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon has been a standout for the Rockies, hitting two significant home runs in the series. His focus on reducing swings-and-misses and shortening his swing has paid off, as seen with his game-winning performance in Game 2. McMahon’s clutch play has been a game-changer for the Rockies.

Abraham Toro

Abraham Toro’s clutch home run in Game 1 was pivotal for the A’s, showcasing his ability to deliver in high-pressure situations. Toro has been a key player for Oakland, and his timely hitting could be crucial in the series finale.

Pitching Matchups

Ryan Feltner (Rockies)

Ryan Feltner (1-4, 5.69 ERA) will start the finale. Despite his struggles this season, he has shown potential by allowing just six home runs in nine starts. Feltner needs to rebound from a tough outing against the Giants and give the Rockies a solid start.

Joey Estes (A’s)

Joey Estes (1-1, 9.35 ERA) will make his third start of the season. His performances have been mixed, excelling against the Mariners but struggling against the Astros. Consistency will be key for Estes in this crucial game, as the A’s look to him to deliver a strong performance on the mound.

Managerial Insights and Strategies

Mark Kotsay (A’s Manager)

A’s Manager Mark Kotsay praised Austin Gomber for his dominant performance in Game 2, where he limited the A’s to one run over eight innings. Despite the loss, Kotsay emphasized his team’s resilience and their ability to create scoring opportunities in extra innings.

Team Strategies


The Rockies aim to capitalize on McMahon’s hot streak and hope for a solid performance from Feltner to secure the series win. Their strategy involves maintaining offensive pressure and tightening up defensively.


The A’s look to Joey Estes for consistency and rely on their lineup’s ability to produce timely hits, as demonstrated throughout the series. Their focus will be on clutch performances and solid pitching.

Expectations and Outlook

Rockies’ Outlook

The Rockies know they have what it takes to win. They’re riding high on McMahon’s form and hoping Feltner can deliver a solid performance. If they can keep the pressure on offensively and tighten up defensively, they have a great shot at taking the series.

A’s Outlook

The A’s are banking on Joey Estes to bring his A-game and for their hitters to come through in the clutch. They’ve shown they can compete in tight situations, and they’ll need that resilience to shine in the finale.


The finale between the Colorado Rockies and Oakland Athletics is set to be a thrilling contest, with both teams looking to secure the series win. The Rockies will rely on key players like Ryan McMahon and a hopeful rebound from Ryan Feltner, while the A’s will count on Joey Estes’ performance and their lineup’s ability to deliver in crucial moments. With the series evenly poised, fans can expect an exciting conclusion to this tightly contested matchup.

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