St. Louis Cardinals vs New York Mets Picks and Predictions May 7th 2024

St. Louis Cardinals vs NY Mets Mets MLB Tue, May 7, 19:45 pm.
St. Louis Cardinals
ML: -125
NY Mets Mets
ML: 105

Miles Mikolas and Jose Butto Face Off Again in a Major-League Duel

Back on April 26 in New York, Miles Mikolas was the hero for the St. Louis Cardinals, pulling off a 4-2 win against the Mets and putting rookie pitcher Jose Butto in the shade during their first ever showdown. Fast forward to this Tuesday in St. Louis, and the hype is real—everyone’s watching to see if Mikolas keeps up his game or if Butto flips the script.

Throwback to Their Last Showdown

Mikolas was all about that control in their last meet-up, letting only two runs slip through on seven hits over nearly six innings. His scoreboard lit up with five Ks and zero walks—talk about keeping your cool. Butto, on the other hand, had a tougher time in his debut against the Cardinals, giving up four runs. Still, you’ve gotta give it up for the guy’s grit.

The Big Rematch Buzz

The Cardinals are setting the stage at home for the series’ pivotal middle game. The Mets are riding high from a clutch 4-3 Monday win that broke their losing streak, all thanks to Brandon Nimmo’s game-changing homer in the seventh. Now, with the wind at their backs, the Mets are looking to Butto for a big comeback play against Mikolas.

Spotlight on the Players and Team Vibes

  • Miles Mikolas: Coming off a solid game against the Tigers, Mikolas has had a bumpy season with a 5.68 ERA, but his history with the Mets has been a rollercoaster that could thrill us again in this game.
  • Jose Butto: Despite the initial stumble against the Cardinals, Butto bounced back big time against the Cubs, holding them to just one run over six innings. It’s all about adapting and conquering, and Butto’s showing he’s got what it takes.

Despite his recent dry spell (1-for-30), Mets’ powerhouse Pete Alonso is expected back in the game, promising to add some serious depth to the lineup.

Cardinals’ Hurdles and Game Plan Tweaks

It’s been rough for the Cardinals too, losing five out of their last six and struggling to rack up runs. They’ve been tweaking their bullpen to find some stability, including moving Giovanny Gallegos to the 15-day injured list and calling up Chris Roycroft.

What’s Next?

The pressure’s on for both squads this Tuesday, making it a make-or-break game that could seriously impact their run for the playoffs. The Cardinals need to find their groove offensively just as much as they need Mikolas to bring his A-game. On the flip side, the Mets are leaning on their recent uplift and some strategic lineup changes to help Butto shine on defense.

This rematch is more than just a game between two top pitchers—it’s a turning point waiting to happen, potentially reshaping the postseason landscape for both teams.

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Tue, May 7, 10:54 am.
St. Louis Cardinals
O 8.5
NY Mets Mets
U 8.5
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