Ny Mets Mets vs Atlanta Braves Picks and Predictions May 10th 2024

NY Mets Mets vs Atlanta Braves MLB Fri, May 10, 19:10 pm.
NY Mets Mets
ML: 120
Atlanta Braves
ML: -145

Mets Brace for High-Stakes Series Against Rival Braves After Weather Disruption

Rest and Recovery Lead Mets to Face Braves with Renewed Vigor

So, the weather threw a wrench in the works, but the New York Mets are bouncing back, ready to dive back into their epic rivalry with the Atlanta Braves. After a rain check in St. Louis, the Mets are looking at a gnarly 10-game road trip across three time zones this August. But first things first, they’ve got a huge three-game series against the Braves kicking off Friday night at their own turf.

Recent Momentum: A Springboard for the Mets

The break might have been unplanned, but the Mets didn’t just sit around. They snagged a couple of wins against the St. Louis Cardinals, pulling off come-from-behind victories that showed off some serious grit. Pete Alonso was all over it, snapping out of a slump with a game-changing two-run double and a solo homer that sealed the deal in their latest win.

Braves on a Rebound: A Threat Rekindled

Don’t count the Braves out just yet. They rolled into New York fresh off back-to-back wins against the Boston Red Sox, and it looks like their bats are waking up. Marcell Ozuna smashed two homers, and with Orlando Arcia, they went back-to-back in the early innings of their last game. This burst of firepower is a heads-up to the Mets that the Braves’ offense might just be getting its groove back.

Pitching Matchup: A Crucial Duel

The opening game is gonna be intense with a pitching showdown between the Mets’ Jose Quintana and the Braves’ Charlie Morton. Quintana is hungry for a comeback after a rough time against the Tampa Bay Rays, but his 6.55 ERA in starts against the Braves suggests he’s got his work cut out for him. Meanwhile, Morton is bringing his A-game with a solid track record and a 3.71 ERA in 23 appearances against the Mets. Expect sparks to fly when these two take the mound.

Rivalry Renewed: More Than Just Games

This isn’t just any series; it’s the latest saga in a fierce rivalry where the Braves have had the upper hand lately, although the Mets clinched the last face-off in April. With both teams gunning for the top spot in the National League East, the stakes are sky-high, and every pitch and hit counts big time.

Looking Ahead

With the Mets and Braves gearing up for battle, the air is thick with anticipation. Both teams are stepping up with recent wins and long-standing rivalries adding layers to the drama. Fans, get ready for edge-of-your-seat action, smart plays, and some standout moments as these two giants clash on the field. It’s more than a game; it’s a battle for glory.

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NY Mets Mets
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Atlanta Braves
U 7.5
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