Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue Jays Picks and Predictions May 14th 2024

Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue Jays MLB Tue, May 14, 18:35 pm.
Baltimore Orioles
ML: -165
Toronto Blue Jays
ML: 140

Orioles’ Grit on the Line

The Baltimore Orioles, known for knocking it out of the park, are hitting a bit of a rough patch. Dropping their last two games, including a nail-biter against the Toronto Blue Jays that went to extra innings and ended 3-2, the team’s in the hot seat to show they’ve still got it. They’re set to host Toronto again this Tuesday night, and the pressure’s on.


The Struggle is Real

Last night’s showdown really put the spotlight on the Orioles’ slump, scraping up just three hits all game. Shoutout to Adley Rutschman though—he slammed two solo homers, which under any other circumstances would have been cause for celebration. But as Orioles manager Brandon Hyde put it, they just “didn’t score enough runs.” Talk about an understatement.

Pitching Duel Alert: A Shot at Redemption

All eyes are on tonight’s pitching matchup for some serious comeback potential. The Orioles are pinning their hopes on Kyle Bradish, who’s coming off a killer game with nine strikeouts. He’s facing off against Chris Bassitt of the Jays, who’s been kind of shaky with a 5.06 ERA but is starting to find his groove. It’s crunch time, and the mound is set for a showdown.

Blue Jays on the Hunt for Consistency

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays aren’t resting on their laurels after a rare road win. Manager John Schneider’s got his game face on, knowing well that stacking wins is tough but crucial. He’s quoted as saying, “You don’t want to say May 13 is a huge game, but this was (huge).” Clearly, the Jays mean business.

Player Spotlight: Adley Rutschman, the Team Player

Despite popping homers left and right, Adley Rutschman’s head is still in the game—for the team, that is. “I think I’d just rather win,” he said, brushing off personal glory for the greater good. That’s the spirit that might just pull the Orioles through this rough patch.

Stats Throwback and What’s Ahead

Kyle Bradish is gearing up for his third start this season, looking to shake off a shaky record against the Jays. On the flip side, Chris Bassitt’s dodging homers like a pro lately, showing promise to keep that up tonight. The stats are set, and the game’s gearing up to be a doozy.

Conclusion: High Stakes Drama

As the Orioles get ready for round two against the Jays, it’s more than just a game—it’s about proving they can bounce back. With strategic plays, ace pitchers, and key hitters like Rutschman stepping up, the Orioles are poised to quiet down the naysayers and ramp up their game. Here’s to hoping they find that sweet swing again.

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Mon, May 13, 18:24 pm.
Baltimore Orioles
O 7.5
Toronto Blue Jays
U 7.5
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