Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs Picks and Predictions May 11th 2024

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chi. Cubs Cubs MLB Sat, May 11, 16:05 pm.
Pittsburgh Pirates
ML: -105
Chi. Cubs Cubs
ML: -115

Paul Skenes Set to Ignite Pittsburgh Pirates’ Hopes in MLB Debut Against Chicago Cubs

Let’s dive into the heart of the action! The Pittsburgh Pirates are in a bit of a rough patch, and all eyes are on Paul Skenes, the 21-year-old pitching sensation, as he’s about to step into the big leagues for the first time. This Saturday, he’s set to throw his first pitch against the Chicago Cubs, who’ve been picking up some steam lately. It’s gonna be epic!

Paul Skenes: From First Draft Pick to Major League Debut

Drafted first overall last year, Paul Skenes has been nothing short of a baseball prodigy. He blazed through the minors, striking out hitters left and right. With a jaw-dropping 0.99 ERA and 45 Ks in just over 27 innings at Triple-A Indianapolis, it’s no wonder the Pirates couldn’t wait to bring him up. Talk about making a statement!

Pittsburgh Pirates: Searching for a Turnaround

Times have been tough for the Pirates, no sugarcoating it. After a bummer of a game where they lost 7-2 to the Cubs, their record’s been looking bleak with 6 wins and 17 losses in their last 23 games. They’ve been struggling to score, which just piles on the pressure for a turnaround.

Chicago Cubs: Capitalizing on Momentum

On the flip side, the Cubs are on a roll. Cody Bellinger, back from injury and hotter than ever, is tearing it up with a .538 batting average and two homers since his return. His comeback adds a whole new layer of intensity to Skenes’ debut challenge.

The Matchup: Skenes vs. Steele

The spotlight’s on the mound with Skenes going head-to-head against the Cubs’ Justin Steele. Steele’s back too, from a hamstring injury, rocking a 0.96 ERA. His last outing? A scoreless masterpiece against the San Diego Padres. It’s set to be a clash of the titans!

Roster Moves and Player Updates

Both teams are shaking things up on the roster. The Cubs had to sideline shortstop Dansby Swanson but got a boost with outfielder Seiya Suzuki coming back. The Pirates called up Nick Gonzales from Triple-A, who made his mark with a two-run single right out of the gate.


As Paul Skenes gears up to launch his major league career, it’s more than just a game for him and the Pirates. It’s a chance to swing the momentum. With the team’s morale on the line and the Cubs finding their groove, Skenes’ big league debut could spark a revival for the Pirates or show just how tough the climb back up could be. No doubt, it’s a big moment for baseball fans, who’ll be watching every pitch. Will Skenes turn his minor league magic into major league success? Let’s find out!

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Pittsburgh Pirates
O 7
Chi. Cubs Cubs
U 7
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