Boston Red Sox vs Milwaukee Brewers Picks and Predictions May 26th 2024

Boston Red Sox vs Milwaukee Brewers MLB Sun, May 26, 13:35 pm.
Boston Red Sox
ML: -145
Milwaukee Brewers
ML: 120

Brewers’ Strategic Pitching Decisions Shine Against Red Sox

With Jared Koenig’s unconventional role as an opener, the Milwaukee Brewers adapt strategically to take on the Boston Red Sox, showcasing innovative pitching tactics.

In a series packed with smart pitching moves, the Milwaukee Brewers have shown off their adaptability and tactical genius against the Boston Red Sox. At the heart of this strategy is left-hander Jared Koenig, whose unusual role as an opener highlights the evolving nature of baseball today.

Jared Koenig’s Role as an Opener

Jared Koenig has been a standout in the Brewers’ game plan, serving as an opener in the first two games of the series. Despite a hectic schedule, Koenig has been ready to step up when needed. Over the two games, he faced four batters, recorded four outs (including three strikeouts), and threw a total of 27 pitches.

Koenig’s readiness and versatility are a testament to his commitment. “If they text me and say, ‘Hey, we need you,’ and I’m feeling good, then I don’t see why not,” Koenig said. His attitude underscores the flexibility and resilience modern pitchers need.

Manager Pat Murphy’s Strategic Decisions

Brewers manager Pat Murphy’s choice to use Koenig as an opener was a tactical move, influenced by the Red Sox’s lineup, which features several left-handed hitters at the top. “Using an opener isn’t anything new. We just chose to do it with this lineup,” Murphy explained. This approach allowed the Brewers to effectively counter the Red Sox’s strengths.

Initially, Murphy considered using Koenig for a third consecutive game, which is pretty rare in baseball. However, after Saturday’s win, he decided against it, acknowledging the physical toll it could take on Koenig. “I think that’s a little too much, but he did another nice job today,” Murphy said.

Historical Context and Tactical Adaptation

Koenig’s back-to-back starts bring to mind Zack Greinke’s unique situation in 2012 when Greinke was ejected in the first inning of one game and then started the next day. This historical context shows how rare and significant Koenig’s role is, highlighting the Brewers’ innovative approach.

Upcoming Pitching Matchup: Tanner Houck

As the series continues, the Red Sox will start right-hander Tanner Houck, who has been impressive this season. Houck recently limited the Tampa Bay Rays to two hits over seven innings, leading to a 5-0 victory. His performance poses a significant challenge for the Brewers, emphasizing the importance of strategic pitching matchups.

Red Sox’s Challenges: Tyler O’Neill’s Injury

The Red Sox have additional hurdles with outfielder Tyler O’Neill potentially missing the final game due to right knee soreness. O’Neill, who has hit 11 home runs this season, left Saturday’s game after feeling discomfort. His absence could affect the Red Sox’s lineup, adding another layer of complexity to their strategy.


The Brewers’ strategic use of Jared Koenig as an opener against the Red Sox showcases the evolving tactics in modern baseball. Manager Pat Murphy’s decisions reflect a deep understanding of the opposing lineup and the necessity of adaptability. With Tanner Houck taking the mound for the Red Sox and Tyler O’Neill’s status uncertain, the series promises high stakes and tactical intrigue.

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Boston Red Sox
O 8.5
Milwaukee Brewers
U 8.5
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