Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays Picks and Predictions May 14th 2024

Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays MLB Tue, May 14, 19:10 pm.
Boston Red Sox
ML: -115
Tampa Bay Rays
ML: -105

Optimized Article: Red Sox Struggle Against Rays’ Dominance in AL East Showdown

It’s game time at Fenway Park as the Tampa Bay Rays look to keep their upper hand in the AL East by taking on their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox, in the second bout of a thrilling four-game series. With a bit of a streak going, the Rays have been the thorn in the Red Sox’s side, clinching twelve out of their last fourteen face-offs since 2023.


Recent Game Recap: A Strategic Victory for the Rays

In Monday’s opener, the Rays clinched a 5-3 win, nudging their season back to a .500 average. Big shoutout to Yandy Diaz and Amed Rosario; Diaz knocked three hits in five at-bats while Rosario cranked out a couple of extra-base hits, driving in three runs. Their clutch performances broke a tie and sealed the deal in the critical fourth and eighth innings.

Rays’ Pitching Spotlight: Aaron Civale’s Fenway First

Aaron Civale is set to pitch his first game at Fenway, adding an extra layer of intrigue to Tuesday’s game. Although he’s had a tough time pushing past the fifth inning recently, Civale is feeling good and ready to make a solid contribution. His last stint against the Chicago White Sox showed hints of him getting back in stride, almost making it through the fifth.

Red Sox’s Pitching Dilemma: Crawford and Pivetta’s Quest for Consistency

The Red Sox have their own puzzle to solve with their pitchers. Kutter Crawford, despite a rocky start on Monday, managed to pull it together and last six innings—showing some real progress. Nick Pivetta, coming off a 15-day break due to injury, is next up to pitch. He’s hoping to flip the script on his challenging history with the Rays, where he’s posted a 4.56 ERA and a 1-6 record.

Managerial Insights: Strategy and Expectations

Rays’ manager Kevin Cash is all praises for his team’s strategic play, especially Rosario’s game-changing hits. On the flip side, Alex Cora of the Red Sox admits there’s a real need for his pitchers to go deeper into games to give their bullpen some breathing room, underscoring the tactical shifts needed to counter the Rays’ edge.

Looking Ahead: Implications for the Red Sox

With the series rolling on, the pressure mounts for the Red Sox. They need to rethink their game plan and bring their A-game to turn the tide against the Rays, who have consistently outplayed them. It’s a test of their resilience and strategic acumen in what’s shaping up to be a critical showdown.


This series isn’t just a set of games—it’s a chess match where strategy and adaptation are key. As we look ahead to the next game, the big question is whether the Red Sox can outmaneuver the Rays’ stronghold or if Tampa Bay will keep up their stellar performance in this fierce rivalry.

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Boston Red Sox
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Tampa Bay Rays
U 9
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