Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacks Picks and Predictions May 7th 2024

Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Tue, May 7, 18:40 pm.
Cincinnati Reds
ML: 110
Arizona Diamondbacks
ML: -130

Cincinnati Reds vs. Arizona Diamondbacks: Who’ll Shake Off the Rust First?

As the MLB season rolls on, the Cincinnati Reds and the Arizona Diamondbacks are hitting the field with some serious struggle vibes. They’re about to throw down in Cincinnati for a three-game series starting Tuesday night, and you bet both squads are desperate to flip the script and snag that momentum.

Cincinnati Reds: In Desperate Need of a Win Streak

It’s been a rough ride for the Reds lately. They’ve racked up five straight losses—a new low for the season. Their latest face-off with the Baltimore Orioles was a total buzzkill, scoring a measly two runs across three games and going a brutal 19 1/3 innings without a peep against the Orioles’ starters. But Manager David Bell isn’t sweating it too much. He’s keeping his cool, confident in a comeback. “It’s going to turn around. Not a whole lot more to say,” he remarked, staying optimistic despite the slump.

Here Comes the Cavalry

Good news for Reds fans: some key players are on the brink of making a comeback. TJ Friedl, the starting center fielder, is almost done with his rehab stint in Triple-A Louisville after a fractured right wrist. His minor league games have been pretty solid, so he’s looking ready to jump back in and jazz up the lineup. Plus, right-hander Frankie Montas is about to hit the mound again after healing up from a nasty line drive injury. Montas hasn’t been at his best, but his return could really help steady the ship for the Reds’ rotation.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Searching for That Post-World Series Magic

The D-backs are also feeling the heat. After a surprising sprint to the 2023 World Series, their 2024 start has been shaky with a 15-20 record. But things looked up when they demolished San Diego 11-4 recently, slapping up double-digit runs for the first time in a while. Could this be the spark they’ve been waiting for?

Zac Gallen: Stepping Up to the Mound

Zac Gallen, who’s up to pitch against the Reds, has had a season of ups and downs. After a kickass start, he’s hit a few bumps, like that rough game against Seattle where he gave up three runs on just three hits. Gallen’s history with the Reds has been a mixed bag, with a 3.93 ERA over three starts. His game in Cincinnati could be a game-changer for him and his team.

Diamondback Strategies: Keeping It Simple

Jake McCarthy, one of the D-backs’ outfielders, stressed the importance of quality at-bats and smart plays. “It sounds really simple, but I think when one through nine does that, it gives us a better chance,” he explained. It’s all about those small but crucial moves that can lead to big wins.

Bottom Line: A Pivotal Series Ahead

This upcoming series isn’t just a bunch of games—it’s a critical moment for both the Reds and the D-backs. They’re both in a bit of a rut, but they’re showing glimmers of getting their groove back. With key players returning and strategies adjusting, this series could really set the tone for the rest of their seasons.

So, whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or just love a good comeback story, this series is shaping up to be a must-watch. It’s all about resilience, strategic tweaks, and that unpredictable magic of baseball. Stay tuned!

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Tue, May 7, 11:35 am.
Cincinnati Reds
O 8.5
Arizona Diamondbacks
U 8.5
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