Colorado Rockies vs Texas Rangers Picks and Predictions May 10th 2024

Colorado Rockies vs Texas Rangers MLB Fri, May 10, 20:40 pm.
Colorado Rockies
ML: 155
Texas Rangers
ML: -190

Jon Gray’s Anticipated Return to Denver: Facing the Rockies as a Ranger

Jon Gray is gearing up for a pretty epic homecoming in Denver. Once the top dog in the Colorado Rockies’ pitching lineup, he’s hitting the mound at Coors Field, but this time he’s rolling with the Texas Rangers. Yeah, you heard it right—the dude’s coming back as a World Series champ, and emotions are gonna be high. This isn’t just any game; it’s his first throwdown as a visitor in a park where he used to be the main man. Talk about a full-circle moment!

Jon Gray: The Rockies’ Loss and the Rangers’ Gain

Back when Jon Gray was picked third overall in the 2013 MLB Draft, expectations were sky-high. He quickly climbed the ranks to become the Rockies’ go-to guy, throwing some serious heat in big games, like the 2017 National League wild-card. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing; control issues made things rocky (pun intended), and by December 2021, he was ready for a fresh start with the Texas Rangers. Since then, he’s totally flipped the script, peaking with a killer performance in the 2023 World Series, helping snatch that championship.

Back to Where It All Began

This Friday, as the Rangers kick off their series against the Rockies, all eyes are on Gray. Returning to Coors Field is a big deal for him and all the baseball heads out there, especially those who’ve cheered him on from his Rockies days. He’s pumped about the vibe of playing in that notorious hitter’s paradise again. Catching up with, he was like, “I just want to enjoy it really. It’s gonna be fun to see what it’s like now after being away for so long.”

Rocky Road for the Rockies

Meanwhile, the Rockies aren’t exactly killing it this season, having one of their shakiest starts ever. They did snag a win against San Francisco recently, ending a rough losing streak, but they’re definitely thirsty for more. Their pitcher, Austin Gomber, is throwing down some decent stats with a solid ERA of 3.07 over his last five starts, yet he’s still chasing his first win this year. Facing the Rangers could be his chance to finally clinch that.

What’s at Stake

For Jon Gray, this series isn’t just another entry in the game log. It’s a shot to show he’s still got it in a place that used to be his pitching home. For the Rockies, it’s about digging deep, pushing back, and maybe sparking a turnaround. It’s gonna be an emotional rollercoaster with plenty of baseball magic.

Wrapping It Up

Jon Gray’s Denver comeback is what baseball’s all about—nostalgia, fresh starts, and the grind for excellence. When he steps up to pitch at Coors Field, it’ll be more than just a game. It’s a celebration of his journey, his growth, and the heart of this sport. Whether you’re rooting for the Rangers, holding it down for the Rockies, or just love the game, this is one matchup you won’t want to miss. Grab your popcorn and get ready for some top-tier baseball action!

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Fri, May 10, 09:24 am.
Colorado Rockies
O 9.5
Texas Rangers
U 9.5
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