Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankees Picks and Predictions May 14th 2024

Minnesota Twins vs NY Yankees Yankees MLB Tue, May 14, 19:40 pm.
Minnesota Twins
ML: 100
NY Yankees Yankees
ML: -120

Chris Paddack’s Hot Streak Meets Its Match Against the Yankees

As the Minnesota Twins gear up to take on the New York Yankees right in Minneapolis, everyone’s talking about Chris Paddack. After a tough couple of years battling injuries and surgeries, Paddack’s back and better than ever. With the Yankees on the horizon, the hype is real—everyone’s pumped to see if he can keep his cool against one of baseball’s toughest lineups.

Chris Paddack: The Comeback Kid

  • Bouncing Back Strong: Since his comeback from Tommy John surgery, Paddack’s tearing it up with a 4-1 record and a 4.34 ERA. Remember his showdown with the Mariners? Dude struck out ten and let only one run across 5 1/3 innings. Clearly, he’s not just back; he’s a force to be reckoned with.
  • Crushing It Lately: In his last few games, Paddack’s been untouchable—taking down big names like the White Sox and Red Sox and racking up 28 Ks with a slick 1.93 ERA over 23 1/3 innings. The guy’s on fire, and he’s a huge reason the Twins are killing it right now.

Historical Hurdles: Yankees Edition

  • Tough Past: Let’s talk history—Paddack’s had it rough against the Yankees, taking a hard hit back in 2019 with three homers making him lose the game. But that was then. Most of those heavy hitters aren’t around, and with DJ LeMahieu out, this is Paddack’s shot at a do-over.

Carlos Rodon: The Yankee Powerhouse

  • Season Snapshot: Over in the Yankees’ camp, Carlos Rodon’s also making waves after a rocky start. His standout performance against the Astros, where he only let two runs slip over 6 1/3 innings, proves he’s here to challenge the Twins.
  • Track Record with Twins: Rodon’s got history with the Twins, holding a decent 6-3 record against them from his days with the White Sox. The last time they faced off in 2021, he nailed a win with a 4.09 ERA over two games.

Team Vibes and What to Expect

  • Twins on a Roll: The Twins are riding a high, coming off 17 wins in their last 20 games, including a recent triumph over the Blue Jays. They’re looking strong and confident.
  • Yankees Climbing Up: The Yankees aren’t far behind, with wins in eight of their last 11 games and fresh off a series victory against the Rays. This upcoming series is shaping up to be a real nail-biter.


The stage couldn’t be more set for an epic showdown. With both teams in top form and pitchers like Paddack and Rodon eager to prove their mettle, this series is bound to be a season highlight. Fans, get ready for some edge-of-your-seat action, packed with strategy, skill, and the undeniable thrill of top-tier baseball.

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Minnesota Twins
O 8.5
NY Yankees Yankees
U 8.5
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