Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twins Picks and Predictions July 10th 2024

Chi. White Sox White Sox vs Minnesota Twins MLB Wed, Jul 10, 14:10 pm.
Chi. White Sox White Sox
ML: 180
Minnesota Twins
ML: -225

The Minnesota Twins are currently riding a wave of success, having secured a significant win against the Chicago White Sox. This victory, achieved in an intense 8-6, 11-inning game, highlights the Twins’ depth and versatility. Meanwhile, the White Sox struggle to find their footing, adding to the anticipation of their upcoming clashes.

The Twins’ Depth and Versatility

The Twins showcased their depth with five players achieving multi-hit games in their latest victory. Key contributions came from Byron Buxton, Willi Castro, Jose Miranda, Brooks Lee, and Matt Wallner, each making significant impacts at the plate.

Carlos Correa on Team Dynamics

Twins shortstop Carlos Correa emphasized the team’s depth, stating, “We have a lot of depth in our lineup. A lot of guys that can get the job done on any given night. … That’s what special teams are made of.” This depth alleviates pressure on individual players, fostering a team-oriented approach that enhances their performance.

Minnesota’s Winning Streak

The Twins have won seven of their last nine games, demonstrating consistent performance and resilience. Their ability to overcome deficits and secure wins in extra innings is a testament to their determination and strategic play.

Challenges for the White Sox

The White Sox have lost six of their last eight games, struggling to maintain leads and close out games. Their recent loss against the Twins marked their eighth consecutive defeat to Minnesota this season, with close games often slipping away in the late innings.

The White Sox bullpen has been a significant weakness. In Monday’s game, the bullpen failed to protect a 5-2 lead after six innings, ultimately leading to the loss. Closer Michael Kopech’s recent struggles further highlight this issue, with a high ERA and blown saves.

Key Players and Performances

Carlos Correa’s Home Run

Correa’s home run in Monday’s game was a pivotal moment, exemplifying his leadership and offensive prowess. His ability to perform under pressure boosts the team’s confidence.

Byron Buxton’s Contribution

Buxton led the team with three hits, showcasing his consistency and skill at the plate. His performance set the tone for the Twins’ offense, contributing significantly to their victory.

Jose Miranda’s Hitting Streak

Miranda’s 12-game hitting streak is a career-high, reflecting his current form and reliability. His consistent hitting has been a valuable asset for the Twins.

White Sox Offensive Highlights

Martin Maldonado and Nicky Lopez

Despite their struggles, the White Sox had standout performances from Martin Maldonado and Nicky Lopez. Maldonado’s home run and Lopez’s multi-hit game were bright spots in an otherwise challenging series.

Upcoming Matchups

Pitching Duel: Fedde vs. Ober

The next game features a pitching duel between Erick Fedde and Bailey Ober. Fedde has been consistent, working at least six innings in his last five starts. Ober, on the other hand, has been effective against the White Sox, adding intrigue to the matchup.

Doubleheader Scenario

Due to rain, the next game was postponed, leading to a doubleheader. This scenario adds an extra layer of complexity and excitement, with both teams needing to strategize for two games in one day.


The Minnesota Twins are in excellent form, with depth and versatility driving their recent successes. The Chicago White Sox, facing ongoing challenges, must find ways to improve their bullpen performance and capitalize on offensive opportunities. The upcoming games promise to be thrilling as both teams strive for victory.

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Chi. White Sox White Sox
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Minnesota Twins
U 8
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