Ny Yankees Yankees vs Houston Astros Picks and Predictions May 8th 2024

NY Yankees Yankees vs Houston Astros MLB Wed, May 8, 19:05 pm.
NY Yankees Yankees
ML: -165
Houston Astros
ML: 140

Juan Soto is On Fire!

So, Juan Soto? The guy’s a beast. In right field for the Yankees, he’s killing it with his fourth three-hit game just last Tuesday. Soto’s been the backbone of the Yanks’ offense since day one this season. But hey, it’s not just him—lately, the whole crew’s stepping up big time. In their recent smackdown, a 10-3 win against the Astros, Soto was just part of a killer lineup.

It’s a Team Effort, Folks

In that opener against the Astros, while Soto nailed three singles and scored twice, it was Alex Verdugo and Anthony Volpe who stole the show. Verdugo smashed a homer and bagged four RBIs, and Volpe wasn’t far behind with his own homer and three RBIs. This tag-team action just goes to show the Yankees aren’t just a one-man show—they’ve got depth that’s driving this winning streak.

Pitcher’s Duel: Rodon vs. Arrighetti

Up next, we’ve got Carlos Rodon, the Yanks’ leftie, aiming for a comeback after a rough patch against the Orioles where he gave up seven runs. Still, he’s got a solid record against the Astros with a 2.47 ERA in 10 starts. Facing off against him is Astros rookie Spencer Arrighetti. The kid’s had a bumpy start but showed some spark against the Guardians. It’s his first rodeo against the Yankees, so it’s gonna be key for him.

Astros Need a Miracle

Now, the Astros… things are looking grim. Three straight losses and sinking below .500, they’re in a tough spot. But their GM, Dana Brown, is all in, betting on a turnaround. He’s on MLB Network talking up their chances, believing the team’s too good to just fold.

What’s Next?

As the series rolls on, there’s a lot on the line. The Yankees want to keep the wins coming with their solid offense and pitching. The Astros? They’re desperate for a win streak. Both teams are not just playing for now—they’re setting the stage for the rest of the season.

It’s shaping up to be a riveting continuation of the Yankees vs. Astros. Stay tuned, because this is more than just games; it’s about who’s making smart moves and who’s gearing up for the postseason.

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Wed, May 8, 10:34 am.
NY Yankees Yankees
O 9.5
Houston Astros
U 9.5
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