New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers Picks and Predictions May 14th 2024

New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers NBA Tue, May 14, 20:00 pm.
New York Knicks
ML: -120
Indiana Pacers
ML: 100

Jalen Brunson Takes a Page from Knicks’ Glory Days During Playoff Crunch Time

In a scene straight out of a Knicks’ legend playbook, Jalen Brunson went full Willis Reed at the Garden. Just like Reed’s unforgettable 1970 Finals performance, Brunson, despite nursing an injury, played a pivotal role in nailing a key win for the Knicks. But let’s be real, snagging that next championship ring still looks like a tough climb, especially after a recent heavy loss.


The Struggle is Real: Knicks’ Current Playoff Saga

It was one of those make-or-break Tuesday nights where the Knicks, not exactly at full strength, looked to snap a brutal losing streak. They squared off against the Indiana Pacers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. With the series knotted at 2-2, the Pacers came off a game where they blew the doors off the Knicks by 32 points, tying for the Knicks’ fifth worst playoff loss ever—and the most brutal since 2012.

When Injuries Hit Hard

Injury woes have hit the Knicks hard. Julius Randle, the powerhouse forward, is out for the season with a busted shoulder. Mitchell Robinson, their key center, won’t be back on the court until mid-June thanks to an ankle injury. And to top it off, OG Anunoby has been MIA for the last few games, thinning the squad even more.

Game 4 Breakdown: Pacers Take Charge

The Pacers didn’t waste any time in Game 4, jumping to a quick 14-4 lead. Their sharp tactics and physical readiness were on full display, leaving the Knicks struggling to find their rhythm in shooting and defense. This early surge set the pace for what ended up as one of the Pacers’ biggest playoff wins.

Knicks’ Spirit: No Excuses

Despite these hurdles, Brunson’s vibe was all about no excuses. His determination to push through the setbacks mirrors the grit we’ve seen in some of the Knicks’ most memorable playoff battles.

Pacers’ Game Plan: Keep the Energy Up

For the Pacers, that game-tying win wasn’t just another notch on the belt—it was a declaration. Despite their own injury struggles, players like Aaron Nesmith and Tyrese Haliburton stepped up big time. As they geared up for Game 5, Haliburton stressed the need for sharp focus and solid prep, knowing just how crucial this next game would be.

What’s Next: Game 5 on the Horizon

With both teams bracing for a critical showdown, the Knicks are searching for ways to overcome their injury plague and regain their early series momentum. Meanwhile, the Pacers are looking to capitalize on their last win to snag the lead. The stakes are high, and the strategic face-off in the Eastern Conference playoffs is set to be a nail-biter.

The ongoing battle of wills and strategy paints a vivid picture of what’s at stake as both teams eye a spot in the next round, each with their own set of challenges and dreams.

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Indiana Pacers
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