Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves Picks and Predictions May 14th 2024

Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Tue, May 14, 22:30 pm.
Denver Nuggets
ML: -175
Minnesota Timberwolves
ML: 145

Revived Denver Nuggets Set to Host Minnesota Timberwolves in Pivotal Game 5

What a difference a week makes! Last week, the Denver Nuggets seemed like they were about to pack up early this postseason, having lost the first two games of the Western Conference semifinals at home. It looked pretty grim. But fast forward to now, and they’ve flipped the script, pulling even at 2-2 after some stellar road games. Now they’re back in Denver, all fired up and ready to snag the lead in the series.


The Nuggets’ Comeback

Talk about a comeback! The Nuggets have totally lit up, especially on offense. Hitting an incredible 55.3 percent from the field in the last two games in Minnesota, they’ve left their earlier struggles in the dust. A big shoutout goes to Jamal Murray, who’s been killing it despite a sore left calf. His epic 55-foot buzzer-beater to close out the first half of Game 4 wasn’t just a showstopper, it was a statement — the Nuggets are not done yet.

Coach Malone Weighs In

Coach Michael Malone knows a thing or two about bouncing back. He reminded everyone that just last year, this team was lifting the championship trophy. “They were quick to write us off,” he said, “but these guys have seen it all.” It’s that blend of experience and mental grit that’s keeping them in the game as they gear up for more high-pressure basketball.

Timberwolves’ Troubles

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Timberwolves have hit a rough patch. Anthony Edwards is on fire, dropping 44 points the other night, but it’s been a solo effort. Karl-Anthony Towns, in particular, needs to step up. With only 27 points over the last two games and some shaky shooting, it’s clear they need him to find his groove again. Edwards put it bluntly: “He’s a superstar. We need him to score to win.”

What’s Next?

As the action shifts back to Denver, both teams know they’ve got to adjust. The Nuggets are looking to keep that offensive magic alive, especially on their home turf. The Timberwolves, on the other hand, need Towns and the team to rally, with vets like Mike Conley and Naz Reid crucial for turning the tide.


It’s all to play for with the series now a best-of-three. The Nuggets have shown they’ve got the chops to go all the way, but the Timberwolves aren’t out of this yet. Game 5 in Denver is shaping up to be more than just a game; it’s a clash of wills, a battle of skills, and a true test of who wants it more. Whoever comes out on top Tuesday night will have a solid edge as this intense playoff series continues to unfold.

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Denver Nuggets
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Minnesota Timberwolves
U 206.5
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