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Guadalajara vs. Pachuca: A long-awaited match-up

An excellent Mexican soccer game awaits us this Saturday 5/30, the day on which Ricardo Cadena's Chivas will face the always difficult Pachuca of Guillermo Almada. Based on the poor results achieved by Cadena, his permanence on the bench of the rojiblanco team was in doubt, but the club's leaders supported him to continue giving instructions for the 2022 Opening of the MX League. The technical director Tuzo, Almada, was also in doubt at the beginning but due to the existing possibility of replacing Martino in this World Cup, something that he ruled out and for the moment he will continue in his position.

Both teams have in common the urgent need for a victory but for different reasons. Chivas must go out to win to take their first 3 points and leave the bottom of the table, while Pachuca needs to do the same to reach the top positions as soon as possible.

Last 10 Guadalajara matches

The Guadalajarans have a very weak streak if we consider that, in the last 10 matches, they have won only 3 times, they also lost 3 and tied the remaining 4. One of those victories came against Pumas when they thrashed them 4-1 with a great match by Vega who scored 1 goal and an assist. The most recent one was against Santos Laguna 3-1 but in a friendly to set the teams up. To this game, they arrive with a losing streak of 5 games, and it would be 7 if we did not count that exhibition. As we can see, the team will receive Pachuca with quite low spirits but with a great desire to raise their heads and show their fans that they are up for something more than the last places.

The most worrying results were suffered in the 1-2 against Atlas, the loss against Atlético San Luis at home by 0-1, and the recent friendly they played against a team of starters/substitutes presented by Juventus. The Liga México predictions indicate that they have a good chance of scoring 3 points at home, something that has not happened since the aforementioned 4-1 defeat of Pumas on 5/8. In their most recent 10 they have only managed 11 goals and conceded 8, achieving a favorable balance of +3 goals.

The next 10 official matches in Guadalajara will be: Mazatlán (V), Atlas (L), Necaxa (V), Monterrey (L), Pumas (L), Toluca (V), Tijuana (V), Puebla (L), Tigres (L) and America as a visitor.

Last 10 Pachuca matches

As for the recent runner-up, the record is almost completely opposite to that of Chivas, since in their most recent 10 matches they added 5 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. They were able to thrash none other than América 3-0 with a display of football from Ibarra and Guzmán, the former scoring two goals and the latter getting two assists. After that game they fell to Atlas in their tough stadium, and they recovered immediately by beating them 2-1 at home, a result that was also not enough to win the championship. At the end of their participation in Liga MX, they played 3 friendlies against American teams, winning only 1 of them and losing the other 2, contrary to what was shown by sports predictions.

However, they started the Apertura 2022 meeting the Liga México forecasts by going 4 games undefeated, with 2 wins and 2 draws. In all those games they scored 16 goals and suffered 13, which leaves a balance in favor of +3 goals.

On the side of the Tuzos, the fixture is: Tigres (L), Juárez (V), América (L), León (L), Atlas (L), Toluca (V), Santos Laguna (L), Puebla (V ), Tijuana (L) and finally Atlético San Luis as a visitor.

Background between both

If we talk about their history, the reality is that the difference is minimal in favor of Pachuca, since of 53 games in common, 19 were for the Chivas side, they tied in 14 opportunities and the remaining 20 were for the Tuzos side. . We can affirm that the most important series they played was in 2005, for the Copa Libertadores de América. In it, Deportivo Guadalajara complied with what was indicated by sports betting by winning 4-2 on aggregate.

The magnifying glass on...

Although the line-ups are not confirmed and the possible starting teams have not even been outlined, Ricardo Cadena's teams will most likely have the presence of striker Alexis Vega as a starter, a great 23-year-old Mexican soccer player distinguished by his dribbling and acceleration speed , in addition to having a powerful punch. Roberto Alvarado is another young man with potential but he is characterized by his ability to run the 90' ​​without showing fatigue and vision to locate teammates.

Sports forecasts say that Guillermo Almada will line up the Argentine center forward Nicolás Ibáñez, a good footballer with a truly enviable jumping ability and good finishing. In addition to him, Víctor Guzmán may also be in the game, since his ability to hold the ball and pass it to his teammates is something that few have on the team. The wingers Romario Ibarra and Avilés Hurtado will play at the ends, two almost sprinters who are very difficult to stop.

Sports bets

In the field of the always sought-after sports bets, we must affirm that the odds are really very even, which indicates that it will be a game with an uncertain outcome in which anything can happen. If Chivas win, they will pay you almost 2.6, the draw is quoted at 3.3 and the Tuza victory is quoted at 2.8 for each peso invested. Starting with parity in odds, double chance is a great way to make a nice combo if you're more or less clear on what's going to happen here. “Guadalajara-empate” pays 1.45 and “Pachuca-empate” (our favorite) is at 1.51. That Pachuca scores at least 1 goal, pays 1.4.

Television and schedules

Mexico: 9:05 p.m. Blim TV, Afizzionados.

United States: 10:05 p.m. Telemundo Sports Live, Telemundo.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay: 11:05 p.m.

Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela: 10:05 p.m.

Colombia, Ecuador and Peru: 9:05 p.m.

Spain: 04:05 a.m.

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