Hungria vs. Alemania Pick & Prediction SEP 23rd 2022

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Germany goes for the lead

The UEFA Nations League faces the last matches of the group stage and the German National Team needs a victory to climb to the top of Group 3.

The "Teutons" will face Hungary, which has been the big surprise in sports forecasts and today is the one who leads its area above Germany, Italy and England. Incredible! But this is football, and we know that anything can happen… And in this case, it is happening.

Therefore, the match that will take place on Friday at the Red Bull Arena may be decisive for the future of this group, so the entire football environment will be expectant.

This is how Germany arrives

The German team knows that it has how and with what to strike to keep the three points and take the lead.

Of course it won't be easy, because in addition to having a tough rival in front of him, he also has the pressure of being the favorite in the UEFA Nations League predictions .

It is that beyond the famous replacement and the whole process that this squad is having to go through, the truth is that Germany always usually fights in the first places.

Therefore, Friday's match will not be just another one, since it could be the first great display of character in the group, something that would be taken in a big way since the World Cup is just around the corner.

This is how Hungary arrives

The “Cinderella” of the group knows that she has nothing to lose, and without any pressure or anything like that, she managed to make a big impact in the UEFA Nations League predictions .

With a couple of wins, a draw and a loss, Hungary is the leader in its area. And not only does he lead, but it should be remembered that he is part of the group together with Germany, Italy and England.

Thus, in the midst of three historic powers, Hungary is trying to show that it has been working seriously for a long time and that it can keep up with the great teams, just as it was able to do in the last century.

Background between both

These teams have met a total of 35 times if World Cups, Olympic Games, Euro Cup, UEFA Nations League and friendlies are counted.

History indicates that Germany leads the statistics, although it does so very narrowly. It is that that country was imposed 13 times against 11 victories of Austria. In addition, they tied another 11 times.

If we add to this parity that the last confrontation ended tied 1 – 1, the truth is that it will be difficult to take risks in sports predictions and point out who will be the favorite.

The magnifying glass on…

Midfielder Thomas Müller has been relegated and no longer has the leading role he used to in the National Team, at least in recent calls.

Everything seems to indicate that this could change, since coach Flick knows that he needs his experience and wisdom in the central zone to have order and play at the same time.

The fact is that this footballer has been one of the best in the world for many years now and his level is really very good.

Therefore, in the face of some adverse or at least unconvincing results, it is that fans hope to see him in the starting eleven on the green grass.

The magnifying glass on…

Defender Willi Orban is a Hungarian-German player, so his participation could be very special.

This footballer, in fact, wore the shirt of the German Under 21 National Team, but later chose for the Hungarian Senior National Team.

His presence on the pitch will not go unnoticed due to the aforementioned particular history, but also because he continues to play in German football.

Meanwhile, in Hungary they hope that this does not affect their performance and that they can display their best version on Friday when it is their turn to defend the colors of that country.

Sports bets

The people who usually play their chips, and also the fans of these teams, are already analyzing the sports bets that they will be able to make.

It is clear that for sports betting houses the favorite is Germany, since their victory will only pay 1.29.

On the other hand, if what one is looking for is to give the big blow, you should know that the tie is positioned at 7.00 and that an eventual victory for Hungary climbs to 14.50, being, without a doubt, the best possible option within the framework of this activity. .

The surprising thing is that, in the previous one, there is a clear tendency in favor of Germany, but the reality is that the present in this competition is very similar for both countries.

To all this we must add the possibility of choosing by the result with which the first half will end, the exact score at the end of the game, which team will score first and other issues that will make it possible for one to choose different plays that give good returns in case of hit.

That is why those who usually play their chips regularly, on these occasions will have a difficult task because what one can analyze in the previous one, will be of little use once the ball starts to roll.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 3:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Brazil: 3:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 1:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Ecuador: 1:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Mexico: 11:45 a.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 10:45 a.m. – ESPN, Star +.

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