Suiza vs. España Pick & Prediction SEP 24th 2022

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Spain goes for the classification

The UEFA Nations League will face a day that will be decisive for the National Teams that participate in this competition, and in the middle of the 5th date, "the fury" will try to keep three points that could be decisive.

Spain continues to go through a period of replacement, and in the midst of this process, the good results accompany the team and that is motivating. Even those led by Luis Enrique are above what was expected of them in sports predictions .

This time he will have to face neither more nor less than Switzerland, which although it will be in the next World Cup, things are not going as expected.

Therefore, the Spaniards are expected to have an accessible meeting. Or at least in the preview, that's what it seems. But this is football and anything can happen.

This is how Spain arrives

This National Team has become accustomed to competing based on victories in European Championships and also in the World Cup. And now he dreams of adding the UEFA Nations League to his record.

At the moment, by leading their group with 8 points and undefeated, Spain shows that it can live up to the sporting forecasts and that it will fight to be able to be in the final instances of the tournament.

Meanwhile, he must overcome his next commitment to be able to take a firm step towards the aforementioned objective.

This is how Switzerland arrives

What is striking about this team is not that the position it occupies places it below what is expected in the forecasts of the UEFA Nations League , but rather that it does not seem to find the footballing course in the absence of a short time for the World Cup.

In fact, after the four dates that this country has played so far, it has had to lose three times and win only one match, without having tied any.

Therefore, with a somewhat uncertain outlook, Switzerland will try to show that they can put up a fight and that they have a better version of themselves to exhibit on the pitch before the World Cup that begins in November.

Background between both

These European teams will be face to face again after what was their most recent confrontation, which ended with a narrow victory for Spain by 1 – 0.

In total, accounting for the UEFA Nations League, Euro Cup, World Cup and international friendlies, they have met 24 times.

The record is broadly, and even comfortably, led by Spain. It is that he has stayed with 17 victories. The record is completed by about 6 draws and a victory for Switzerland.

All this suggests that "the fury" will have a certain advantage, at least in sports forecasts , although of course, everything will be defined on the pitch.

The magnifying glass on…

Central midfielder Sergio Busquets, who is one of the best in the world and who also makes watching him play a real pleasure.

When referring to this footballer, we are referring to someone who practices this sport with great aesthetics and elegance, so it is always attractive to see him in action.

With his experience, he also makes things easier and has become a benchmark for his country's team.

Therefore, it is expected that on Saturday he will display his best version and be the one to guide Spain to a new victory to get closer to the goal of being in the next instance.

The magnifying glass on…

The attacking midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri, who with his football deployment is the player to watch in the Swiss National Team.

The man who currently wears the jersey of the Chicago Fire of the United States, in the MLS, is recognized for his talent and good footing, in addition to using his personality on the field of play.

His style also gives him a distinctive touch, standing out from his other teammates and being considered one of the best internationally in his position.

Sports bets

Football fans are also attentive to sports betting and all that such an environment entails.

In the preview of this match, a clear favoritism for Spain can be observed, since if they add up to three, their victory will pay only 1.54 according to sports betting sites .

The tie, for its part, climbs to 4.60 and becomes a very good alternative for those who try to hit a bump and take some extra money. Although, without a doubt, the biggest prize will be awarded by a victory for Switzerland, since 8.00 will be paid.

The surprising thing is that, in the previous one, there is a clear tendency in favor of Germany, but the reality is that the present in this competition is very similar for both countries.

To all this we must add the possibility of choosing by the result with which the first half will end, the exact score at the end of the game, which team will score first and other issues that will make it possible for one to choose different plays that give good returns in case of hit.

That is why those who usually play their chips regularly, on these occasions will have a difficult task because what one can analyze in the previous one, will be of little use once the ball starts to roll.

Schedules and television

Argentina: 3:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Brazil: 3:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Colombia: 1:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Ecuador: 1:45 p.m. – ESPN, Star +.

Mexico: 11:45 a.m. – ESPN, Star +.

United States: 10:45 a.m. – ESPN, Star +.

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