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The Razorbacks, also known as the Hogs, are the names of college sports teams at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The University of Arkansas student body voted to change the name of the school mascot (originally the Cardinals) in 1910 to the Arkansas Razorbacks after a hard fought battle against LSU in which they were said to play like a "wild band of Razorback hogs" by former coach Hugo Bezdek. The Arkansas Razorbacks are the only major sports team in the US with a porcine nickname, though the Texas A&M–Kingsville Javelinas play in Division II. The University of Arkansas currently fields 19 total varsity teams (eight men`s and 11 women`s) in 13 sports. The eight men`s varsity...

Arkansas Razorbacks NEXT AND LAST GAMES

Past 10 meetings

W 50% (5) L 50% (5)
  • Razorbacks @ Huskies 65-88 L
  • Razorbacks @ Jayhawks 72-71 W
  • Fighting Illini @ Razorbacks 63-73 W
  • Razorbacks @ Aggies 61-67 L
  • Razorbacks @ Tigers 76-73 W
  • Wildcats @ Razorbacks 88-79 L
  • Razorbacks @ Volunteers 57-75 L
  • Razorbacks @ Crimson Tide 83-86 L
  • Bulldogs @ Razorbacks 65-97 W
  • Gators @ Razorbacks 65-84 W

Arkansas Razorbacks INJURIES

  • Anthony Black

    Ques Thurs | questionable

    Black is hindered by a left foot injury, and it is uncertain whether he will be available for the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament versus UConn.

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