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The Kentucky Wildcats are the men`s and women`s intercollegiate athletic squads of the University of Kentucky (UK), a founding member of the Southeastern Conference. Historically, the women`s teams and athletes were referred to as the "Lady Cats", but all athletic squads adopted the "Wildcats" nickname in 1995. Collectively, the fans of the Kentucky Wildcats are often referred to as the Big Blue Nation....

Kentucky Wildcats NEXT AND LAST GAMES

Past 10 meetings

W 60% (6) L 40% (4)
  • Wildcats @ Wildcats 69-75 L
  • Friars @ Wildcats 53-61 W
  • Commodores @ Wildcats 80-73 L
  • Wildcats @ Razorbacks 88-79 W
  • Commodores @ Wildcats 68-66 L
  • Tigers @ Wildcats 54-86 W
  • Wildcats @ Gators 82-74 W
  • Volunteers @ Wildcats 54-66 W
  • Wildcats @ Bulldogs 71-68 W
  • Wildcats @ Bulldogs 68-75 L

Kentucky Wildcats INJURIES

  • Brandon Boston Jr.

    Out indefinitely | out

    Boston Jr. is dealing with a tailbone contusion, and there is no timeline for his recovery.

  • Isaiah Jackson

    Prob Mon | probable

    Jackson is hindered by a right knee sprain, but it is likely that he will partake in Monday's tilt versus the Hornets.

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