Loyola Marymount Lions

Are part of the West Coast Conference (WCC), were established in 1911, and their home arena is the Gersten Pavilion, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.
Loyola Marymount Lions

The Loyola Marymount Lions’ journey in NCAA basketball is a captivating tale of triumph, tenacity, and unwavering teamwork. This esteemed team, with its unique attributes, rich history, and distinct culture, has carved out a remarkable niche in the realm of collegiate sports. From their inception to their rise as a formidable force in the NCAA, the Lions’ story is one of resilience, strategic prowess, and an enduring passion for the game.

Intriguing Facts About the Loyola Marymount Lions

The Loyola Marymount Lions are not just a team; they are a symbol of exceptional achievement in NCAA basketball. A notable fact is their record-setting scoring average of 122.4 points per game during the 1989-90 season, a testament to their dynamic playstyle. Hank Gathers’ remarkable feat in 1989 as the second player in NCAA Division I to lead in scoring and rebounding simultaneously highlights the caliber of talent the team has fostered.

The Lions hold a unique record for the highest combined scoring games in Division I history, showcasing their offensive prowess. The team’s roots trace back to 1906, starting from St. Vincent’s College, marking a century-long legacy. Additionally, the team’s connection to legendary coaches Pete Newell and Phil Woolpert, both alumni who achieved fame elsewhere, underscores the program’s historical significance in shaping basketball greats.

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The Historical Tapestry of the Loyola Marymount Lions

Since joining the West Coast Conference in 1955, Loyola Marymount’s basketball program has undergone a fascinating evolution. The early years were characterized by steady growth and the emergence of noteworthy players such as Rick Adelman, foreshadowing the program’s potential. However, it was in the late 1980s, under the innovative coaching of Paul Westhead, that the Lions truly made their mark on the national stage. Embracing a high-scoring offensive strategy, the team redefined the norms of college basketball, setting the stage for a new era of high-octane play.

The Golden Era: The Paul Westhead Period

The tenure of Coach Paul Westhead marked a golden era for the Loyola Marymount Lions, transforming the team into a juggernaut of college basketball. Westhead’s innovative coaching philosophy, focused on rapid scoring and relentless offense, propelled the team to unprecedented heights. The era was highlighted by record-breaking scoring averages and the emergence of iconic players like Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble. Their on-court brilliance, coupled with the tragic and untimely loss of Gathers, etched this period in the annals of basketball history as a time of triumph and heartbreak.

Legendary Figures in Loyola Marymount History

The history of the Loyola Marymount Lions is adorned with legendary figures whose contributions have shaped the team’s destiny. Players like Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble, along with Coach Paul Westhead, are more than just names; they are the embodiment of the Lions’ spirit. Their stories of triumph, innovation, and resilience resonate beyond the court, inspiring generations and cementing their status as icons of the game.

A Game to Remember

The 1990 NCAA tournament game against Michigan stands as a pinnacle of Loyola Marymount’s basketball legacy. Scoring a record 149 points, this game was not just a display of the team’s offensive might but a symbol of their indomitable spirit in the face of adversity. It remains one of the most extraordinary demonstrations of skill, determination, and teamwork in college basketball history, a game that continues to inspire and awe fans and players alike.

Loyola Marymount Lions [year] Schedule

Regular Season

Week Date Opponent Result
Week 1 Date: Tue 07/11/2023 Opponent: Westcliff Warriors Result: W 109-68
Week 1 Date: Sun 12/11/2023 Opponent: Yale Bulldogs Result: L 80-83
Week 2 Date: Tue 14/11/2023 Opponent: Jackson State Tigers Result: W 88-66
Week 2 Date: Sun 19/11/2023 Opponent: Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks Result: L 76-86
Week 3 Date: Mon 20/11/2023 Opponent: Oakland Golden Grizzlies Result: L 69-74
Week 3 Date: Tue 21/11/2023 Opponent: Florida International Panthers Result: W 61-60
Week 3 Date: Sat 25/11/2023 Opponent: Texas-El Paso Miners Result: W 67-47
Week 4 Date: Wed 29/11/2023 Opponent: Central Arkansas Bears Result: W 90-63
Week 4 Date: Sat 02/12/2023 Opponent: Nevada Wolf Pack Result: L 59-73
Week 5 Date: Sat 09/12/2023 Opponent: UNLV Rebels Result: W 78-75
Week 6 Date: Sat 16/12/2023 Opponent: UC Santa Barbara Gauchos Result: L 59-68
Week 7 Date: Mon 18/12/2023 Opponent: Detroit Mercy Titans Result: W 76-56
Week 7 Date: Fri 22/12/2023 Opponent: Colorado St. Rams Result: L 67-76
Week 8 Date: Fri 29/12/2023 Opponent: Tarleton State Texans Result: L 66-79
Week 9 Date: Thu 04/01/2024 Opponent: Santa Clara Broncos Result: L 57-68
Week 9 Date: Sat 06/01/2024 Opponent: Saint Mary’s Gaels Result: L 64-68
Week 10 Date: Sat 13/01/2024 Opponent: Pacific Tigers Result: W 81-64
Week 11 Date: Thu 18/01/2024 Opponent: San Francisco Dons Result: L 74-90
Week 11 Date: Sat 20/01/2024 Opponent: Pepperdine Waves Result: W 68-61
Week 12 Date: Thu 25/01/2024 Opponent: Portland Pilots Result: W 92-65
Week 12 Date: Sat 27/01/2024 Opponent: Saint Mary’s Gaels Result: L 65-70
Week 13 Date: Tue 30/01/2024 Opponent: Gonzaga Bulldogs Result: L 58-92
Week 14 Date: Wed 07/02/2024 Opponent: San Diego Toreros Result: L 77-79
Week 14 Date: Sat 10/02/2024 Opponent: Pepperdine Waves Result: L 63-72
Week 15 Date: Thu 15/02/2024 Opponent: Gonzaga Bulldogs Result: L 74-91
Week 15 Date: Sat 17/02/2024 Opponent: San Francisco Dons Result: L 59-82
Week 16 Date: Thu 22/02/2024 Opponent: Santa Clara Broncos Result: L 55-65
Week 16 Date: Sat 24/02/2024 Opponent: Pacific Tigers Result: W 86-63
Week 17 Date: Thu 29/02/2024 Opponent: San Diego Toreros Result: W 96-62
Week 17 Date: Sat 02/03/2024 Opponent: Portland Pilots Result: L 60-70

Post Season

Week Date Opponent Result
Conf. Tournament Date: Fri 08/03/2024 Opponent: Portland Pilots Result: L 70-78

Home of Loyola Marymount: Gersten Pavilion:

Gersten Pavilion, the venerable home of the Lions, is more than just a basketball venue; it’s a hallowed ground brimming with history and passion. Since 1981, this arena has been the backdrop for some of the most significant moments in Loyola Marymount basketball history. Its walls have witnessed the rise of legends, the forging of rivalries, and the celebration of countless victories, making it an integral part of the team’s identity and legacy.

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