St. Joseph’s Hawks

Are part of the Atlantic 10 Conference, were established in 1851, and their home arena is Hagan Arena, Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Saint Joseph's Hawks

The story of the St. Joseph’s Hawks in NCAA basketball is a captivating saga of resilience, community, and sportsmanship. Nestled in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, this team has not only competed but thrived, carving out a distinct identity in the competitive landscape of collegiate basketball. The Hawks’ journey is one of both highs and lows, marked by moments of sheer brilliance and challenging times. Their legacy is not just in their victories or the talent they’ve nurtured but in the spirit they bring to the game, a spirit characterized by relentless tenacity, unwavering teamwork, and a commitment to excellence that transcends the confines of the basketball court.

Intriguing Facts About the St. Joseph’s Hawks

  • Foundational Legacy: Established in the early 1900s, the St. Joseph’s Hawks basketball program is steeped in history, with a legacy that interweaves with the development of NCAA basketball itself.
  • The Living Mascot Tradition: Known for its distinctive mascot, the Hawk, which flaps its wings continuously throughout every game, the mascot symbolizes the Hawks’ enduring spirit and has become an iconic figure in college basketball.
  • Famed Rivalries and Local Lore: The team is part of the Philadelphia Big 5, a unique city-wide rivalry that includes Villanova, Temple, Penn, and La Salle, creating a rich tapestry of local basketball folklore.
  • Historic Home Court: The Hawks call the Hagan Arena, affectionately known as Hawk Hill, their home. This venue is not just a basketball court but a crucible where history, passion, and community spirit merge.
  • A Legacy of Professional Excellence: St. Joseph’s has been a breeding ground for NBA talent and top-tier coaches, contributing significantly to the sport beyond the collegiate level.

The Historical Tapestry of the St. Joseph’s Hawks

The St. Joseph’s Hawks basketball program has a rich and varied history that mirrors the evolution of NCAA basketball. From modest beginnings, the team has grown into a powerhouse, adapting to changing times and emerging as a beacon of excellence in college sports. The Hawks’ history is punctuated by landmark moments and personalities who have defined and redefined the essence of the program. This journey is not just about the games and the scores; it’s about building a legacy, fostering a culture of excellence, and instilling values that resonate beyond the basketball court.

The Golden Era

Under the stewardship of Coach Phil Martelli, the St. Joseph’s Hawks experienced a renaissance, a period that is often referred to as the Golden Era of their basketball history. This era was characterized by a philosophy that emphasized teamwork, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The 2003-2004 season, in particular, stands out as a testament to this philosophy, with the team achieving a remarkable perfect regular-season record and making a deep run in the NCAA tournament. Key players from this era, like Jameer Nelson and Delonte West, became not just standout athletes but embodiments of the Hawks’ spirit. Their achievements on the court were a reflection of the culture that Coach Martelli fostered – a culture where success was born out of collective effort and unwavering determination.

Legendary Figures in St. Joseph’s Hawks History

The history of the St. Joseph’s Hawks is adorned with figures who have left an indelible mark on the program. From legendary coaches like Jack Ramsay, who went on to achieve NBA fame, to players like Jameer Nelson, who have become synonymous with the spirit of the Hawks, these individuals have not just contributed to the team’s success but have become part of its identity. Their legacy is not confined to their achievements on the court; they have been ambassadors of the values and spirit that define the Hawks, inspiring generations of players and fans alike.

A Game to Remember

Among the many memorable games in the Hawks’ history, the 2004 clash against Xavier stands out as a pinnacle of the team’s success. This game was more than a contest of skills; it was a battle of wills, a showcase of strategic acumen, and a testament to the team’s indomitable spirit. The victory, which cemented the Hawks’ perfect regular-season record, was not just a triumph on the scoreboard but a moment that captured the essence of what makes St. Joseph’s basketball special. It was a game that embodied the team’s commitment to excellence, unity in the face of challenge, and the sheer joy of the sport.

St. Joseph’s Hawks [year] Schedule

Regular Season

Week Date Opponent Result
Week 1 Date: Mon 06/11/2023 Opponent: Lafayette Leopards Result: W 81-60
Week 1 Date: Fri 10/11/2023 Opponent: Pennsylvania Quakers Result: W 69-61
Week 2 Date: Tue 14/11/2023 Opponent: Stonehill Skyhawks Result: W 100-56
Week 2 Date: Fri 17/11/2023 Opponent: Texas A&M Commerce Lions Result: L 54-57
Week 3 Date: Mon 20/11/2023 Opponent: Kentucky Wildcats Result: L 88-96
Week 3 Date: Sun 26/11/2023 Opponent: Sacred Heart Pioneers Result: W 64-55
Week 4 Date: Wed 29/11/2023 Opponent: Villanova Wildcats Result: W 78-65
Week 4 Date: Sat 02/12/2023 Opponent: Temple Owls Result: W 74-65
Week 5 Date: Wed 06/12/2023 Opponent: American U. Eagles Result: W 69-53
Week 5 Date: Sun 10/12/2023 Opponent: Princeton Tigers Result: W 74-70
Week 6 Date: Sat 16/12/2023 Opponent: Iona Gaels Result: W 83-58
Week 7 Date: Thu 21/12/2023 Opponent: Charleston Cougars Result: L 82-89
Week 8 Date: Fri 29/12/2023 Opponent: Loyola (MD) Greyhounds Result: W 97-56
Week 9 Date: Wed 03/01/2024 Opponent: Rhode Island Rams Result: L 74-78
Week 10 Date: Wed 10/01/2024 Opponent: Saint Louis Billikens Result: L 85-88
Week 10 Date: Sat 13/01/2024 Opponent: Loyola-Chicago Ramblers Result: L 75-78
Week 11 Date: Mon 15/01/2024 Opponent: La Salle Explorers Result: W 82-62
Week 11 Date: Sat 20/01/2024 Opponent: Duquesne Dukes Result: W 71-69
Week 12 Date: Tue 23/01/2024 Opponent: Massachusetts Minutemen Result: W 78-77
Week 12 Date: Fri 26/01/2024 Opponent: St. Bonaventure Bonnies Result: L 72-91
Week 13 Date: Wed 31/01/2024 Opponent: George Mason Patriots Result: W 75-73
Week 13 Date: Sat 03/02/2024 Opponent: La Salle Explorers Result: W 88-82
Week 14 Date: Tue 06/02/2024 Opponent: Dayton Flyers Result: L 79-94
Week 14 Date: Sat 10/02/2024 Opponent: Saint Louis Billikens Result: W 87-86
Week 15 Date: Wed 14/02/2024 Opponent: Loyola-Chicago Ramblers Result: L 59-64
Week 15 Date: Sat 17/02/2024 Opponent: Duquesne Dukes Result: L 56-66
Week 16 Date: Wed 21/02/2024 Opponent: George Washington Revolutionaries Result: W 79-75
Week 16 Date: Sun 25/02/2024 Opponent: VCU Rams Result: L 69-73
Week 17 Date: Sat 02/03/2024 Opponent: Fordham Rams Result: W 82-69
Week 18 Date: Wed 06/03/2024 Opponent: Richmond Spiders Result: L 66-73
Week 18 Date: Sat 09/03/2024 Opponent: Davidson Wildcats Result: W 89-71

Post Season

Week Date Opponent Result
Conf. Tournament Date: Wed 13/03/2024 Opponent: George Mason Patriots Result: W 64-57
Conf. Tournament Date: Thu 14/03/2024 Opponent: Richmond Spiders Result: W 66-61
Conf. Tournament Date: Sat 16/03/2024 Opponent: VCU Rams Result: L 60-66
NIT Date: Wed 20/03/2024 Opponent: Seton Hall Pirates Result: L 72-75

 Home of the St. Joseph’s Hawks: Hagan Arena

The Hagan Arena, the revered home of the St. Joseph’s Hawks, is more than just a basketball venue; it is a symbol of the team’s rich history and the passionate support of its community. Known for its electrifying atmosphere, the arena has been the backdrop to many of the team’s most memorable moments. It’s a place where past glories inspire current ambitions, where the roar of the crowd fuels the players’ passion, and where every game is an opportunity to add to the Hawks’ storied legacy. The significance of Hagan Arena extends beyond its physical structure; it is the heart of the Hawks’ community, a place where generations of fans have come together to celebrate their team.