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 The Iowa State Cyclones are the athletic teams of Iowa State University. The university is a member of the Big 12 Conference and competes in NCAA Division I, fielding 16 varsity teams (6 men`s and 10 women`s teams) in 12 sports. The "Cyclones" name dates back to 1895. That year, Iowa suffered an unusually high number of devastating cyclones (as tornadoes were called at the time). In September, the football team from what was then Iowa Agricultural College traveled to Northwestern University and defeated that team by a score of 36-0. The next day, the Chicago Tribune`s headline read "Struck by a Cyclone: It Comes from Iowa and Devastates Evanston Town."[2] The article began, "Northwestern might as well have tried to play football with an Iowa cyclone as with the Iowa team it met yesterday." The nickname stuck.

Iowa State Cyclones NEXT AND LAST GAMES

Next meetings

  • IUPUI (01-01-70)

Past 10 meetings

W 60% (6) L 40% (4)
  • Cyclones @ Hurricanes 56-70 L
  • Cyclones @ Badgers 54-49 W
  • Cyclones @ Tigers 59-54 W
  • Cyclones @ Red Raiders 41-72 L
  • Cyclones @ Bears 68-75 L
  • Cowboys @ Cyclones 53-36 L
  • Cyclones @ Wildcats 74-73 W
  • Mountaineers @ Cyclones 81-84 W
  • Sooners @ Cyclones 54-75 W
  • Cyclones @ Horned Frogs 54-51 W

Iowa State Cyclones INJURIES

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