Mastering Kicking Point Betting


The evolution of sports betting has been immense over the past few years. With the help of technological advancements, it has become easier to place bets and access a wide range of betting options. Today, there are different forms of sports betting available, each catering to different types of bettors and offering unique qualities and opportunities.

kicking point betting transcends the NFL, encompassing a diverse array of sports where kicking precision can sway outcomes dramatically. From soccer to rugby to hockey, the accuracy and skill of kickers play a crucial role in determining the course of a game.

This type of betting involves trying to determine the number of points a team or player will score through kicks, penalties, or other related actions. Delving into the intricate world of kicking point betting strategies involves veteran and new users analyzing the performance of key players, understanding the dynamics of different sports, and staying updated with relevant statistics

Understanding kicking point betting

Kicking point betting is a focused segment of sports betting that revolves around evaluating the performance and consequences of kicks in sports such as American football, soccer, and rugby. This specialized area delves into the precision, tactics, and influence of kicks, encompassing scenarios like extra point attempts, field goals, penalty kicks, and conversion attempts.

At its essence, kicking point betting revolves around forecasting and betting on particular kicking-related results during matches. This includes:

Extra Point Attempts: Predicting whether a team will convert an extra point after scoring a touchdown in American football.

Field Goals: Betting on the outcome of a field goal attempt, including factors like distance, accuracy, and success rates of kickers.

Penalty Kicks: In sports like soccer and rugby, betting on penalty kicks and free kicks, including the likelihood of scoring and the outcome of these set-piece opportunities.

Conversion Attempts: In rugby, predicting the success of conversion kicks following a try and their impact on the overall score.

Understanding kicking point betting requires analyzing multiple factors such as player performance, team strategies, game situations, and historical data. Bettors evaluate kicker accuracy, their ability to kick from different distances, weather conditions, and how they handle pressure scenarios to make well-informed betting decisions.

This form of betting adds layers of depth and excitement to sports wagering, providing a strategic perspective where bettors can leverage their knowledge and insights into kicking dynamics. It necessitates a solid grasp of the sport, understanding the players involved, and recognizing the intricacies of kicking scenarios to pinpoint valuable bets and seize betting opportunities effectively.

kicking point betting goes beyond mere outcome prediction; it involves an account of the likelihood of specific events occurring based on thorough analysis and statistical trends. It enables bettors to interact with specific game aspects that significantly impact overall results, elevating the thrill and strategic aspect of sports betting experiences.

Kicking Point Betting

Exploring Third Round Pick Kicking Points Across Various Sports

Kicking points hold a pivotal role across a spectrum of sports, showcasing their significance in determining outcomes and adding layers of excitement for bettors. Let’s delve deeper into the realm of kicking points, examining their impact and betting potential in diverse sports like soccer and rugby.

Soccer: Penalty Kicks and Free Kicks

In the realm of soccer, kicking points take centre stage during penalty kicks and free kicks, offering thrilling moments that can shift the momentum of a game in a regular season. Penalty kicks, awarded for fouls committed inside the penalty area, present a high-stakes scenario where the accuracy and composure of the kicker are put to the test.

For bettors, penalty kicks provide a strategic betting avenue. Analyzing a team’s history with penalty kicks, the proficiency of designated penalty takers, and the tendencies of goalkeepers in saving penalties can guide betting decisions. Bettors can wager on whether a penalty will be a miss or converted successfully, the total number of penalty kicks in a match, or even the specific outcome of penalty shootouts in tournament settings.

Free kicks, awarded for fouls outside the penalty area, also offer opportunities for kicking point betting. Expert free-kick takers like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are known for their precision and ability to score from set-piece situations. Bettors can assess the likelihood of a successful free kick, the distance from the goal, and defensive setups to inform their betting strategies.

Rugby: Penalty Kicks and Conversion Attempts

In the rugged world of rugby, kicking points play a crucial role in accumulating scores and influencing match outcomes. Penalty kicks, awarded for various infractions during gameplay, allow teams to opt for a kick at goal, aiming to win three points. Conversion attempts, following a try (equivalent of touchdowns), offer an additional two points if successful.

Understanding the dynamics of rugby kicking points is essential for bettors looking to capitalize on betting opportunities. Key factors to consider include the accuracy and range of kickers, prevailing weather conditions affecting kicking accuracy, and the strategic decisions made by teams regarding kicking options.

Close matches in rugby often hinge on successful penalty kicks and conversion attempts. Bettors can analyze teams’ tendencies in opting for kicks versus other scoring strategies, the success rates of kickers under pressure, and historical data related to kicking points in similar matchups. This analysis can inform betting decisions on total points scored, specific kicking outcomes, and overall match predictions.

American Football: Field Goals and Extra Points

In American football, kicking point betting revolves around field goals and extra points, offering a dynamic dimension to wagering on the sport. Field goals are scored by kicking the ball through the opponent’s goalpost, earning the team three points. Extra points, typically attempted after scoring a touchdown (worth six points), involve a shorter kick for an additional point.

Analyzing kicking points in American football involves assessing the accuracy and range of kickers, weather conditions affecting kicking performance, and strategic decisions by teams regarding field goal attempts and extra-point conversions.

Field goal attempts are strategic moments in the game, often employed to secure points when a touchdown isn’t feasible or to break ties or narrow point differentials. Bettors can evaluate a team’s tendencies in opting for field goals, the success rates of kickers from various distances, and historical data related to field goal outcomes in similar game situations.

Extra points, while seemingly straightforward, can also be influenced by factors like wind conditions, kicker reliability, and game situations. Bettors may consider the likelihood of successful extra-points, the impact of missed extra points on game momentum, and trends regarding teams’ approaches to two-point conversion attempts versus traditional extra-point kicks.

In high-stakes games of the Super Bowl, especially during playoffs and championship matchups, kicking points can be decisive in determining winners and shaping betting outcomes. Bettors who understand the nuances of kicking points in American football can leverage this knowledge to make informed betting decisions, predict game outcomes, and capitalize on strategic opportunities within the sport’s dynamic scoring system.

Strategic Insights for kicking point betting

Successful kicking point betting relies on strategic analysis, player profiling, matchup assessment, weather considerations, in-game adjustments, and data utilization across various sports like soccer, rugby, American football, Australian Rules Football, and Gaelic football.

Player Profiling and Analysis: Dive deep into the statistics and performance history of key kickers across different activities. Analyze their accuracy, success rates in various scenarios, and track record under pressure situations. This analysis provides valuable insights for betting decisions.

Matchup Assessment: Evaluate the matchup dynamics, including team strengths and weaknesses, defensive strategies, and historical performance in similar situations. Identifying trends in kicking points accumulation and predicting potential outcomes based on matchup analysis can guide betting strategies.

Weather and Conditions Impact: Consider how weather conditions, playing surfaces, and stadium environments can affect kicking performance. Adverse weather, windy conditions, or slippery fields can influence the accuracy of kicks. Monitoring live game developments, including substitutions, weather changes, and game situations that may impact kicking points, allows for real-time adjustments to betting strategies.

In-game adaptability: Stay aware of live game developments, such as substitutions, weather changes, and critical game situations that may influence kicking points. Making real-time adjustments to betting strategies based on unfolding events ensures adaptability and responsiveness to dynamic gameplay.

Data Utilization: Utilize statistical data, trends, and historical performance metrics related to kicking points across sporting activities. Leveraging data analytics tools and platforms provide bettors with actionable insights and a data-driven approach to kicking point betting.

Key Players in kicking point betting and Extra Point Attempts

Key players play a crucial role in kicking point betting across various sporting activities, adding depth and intrigue to betting strategies. In soccer, superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are not only known for their goal-scoring prowess but also their exceptional accuracy in penalty kicks, making them focal points for bettors looking to capitalize on kicking points markets.

Lionel Messi, with his unmatched skill and composure during penalty situations, often becomes a key factor in betting scenarios involving penalty kicks. Bettors analyze Messi’s historical success rates, preferred shooting techniques, and tendencies under pressure to predict the likelihood of him converting penalty kicks successfully. Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s deadly accuracy and consistency from the penalty spot make him a betting favourite in kicking points markets, especially during critical moments in big game matches.

In rugby, kickers like Owen Farrell and Beauden Barrett command attention for their exceptional kicking abilities, influencing betting markets and offering opportunities for astute bettors to capitalize on their skills. Farrell’s precision in penalty kicks and conversion attempts has a significant impact on betting outcomes, as bettors analyze his success rates and kicking range to inform their betting strategies. On the other hand, Beauden Barrett’s versatility and ability to score from various distances make him a formidable force in rugby kicking point betting, with bettors closely monitoring his performance in critical match situations.

Understanding the strengths, tendencies, and historical performance of key players in kicking point betting is essential for bettors looking to gain an edge in their wagering strategies. By analyzing player statistics, game situations, and matchups, bettors can identify value bets and capitalize on opportunities presented by standout kickers in various sporting activities. Key players not only influence game outcomes but also shape betting markets, making them integral to the dynamic world of kicking point betting.

Kicking Point Betting

Advantages of kicking point betting

kicking point betting offers several distinct advantages for bettors, combining strategic analysis, exciting wagering options, and the potential for lucrative outcomes.

Diverse Wagering Options: kicking point betting provides a wide range of wagering options, from predicting field goals made to PATs scored and overall kicking points. This diversity allows bettors to explore various aspects of kicking performance and tailor their bets to specific scenarios.

Focused Expertise: By specializing in kicking points, bettors can develop focused expertise in analyzing kicker performance, team strategies, and game situations. This depth of knowledge can lead to more informed betting decisions and increased success rates.

Strategic Depth: kicking point betting adds strategic depth to online wagering, requiring bettors to assess factors like kicker accuracy, distance capabilities, weather conditions, and game dynamics. This strategic approach enhances the betting experience and offers opportunities for strategic betting.

Potential for Value Bets: Understanding the nuances of kicking points can uncover value bets, where odds may be undervalued or overvalued based on comprehensive analysis. Identifying value bets can lead to higher returns and long-term profitability in kicking point betting.

Engaging Betting Experience: kicking point betting adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to online wagering, as bettors follow the action of key kicks throughout games. The thrill of anticipating field goals, PATs, and overall kicking points enhances the overall betting experience.

Profitability Opportunities: With careful analysis and strategic betting, kicking point betting presents opportunities for profitability and consistent returns. Bet tracking, data analysis, and disciplined bankroll management can contribute to long-term success in this specialized betting niche.

Access to Niche Markets: kicking point betting allows bettors to access niche markets within betting, offering unique opportunities for those with specialized knowledge and insights into kicking dynamics.

Overall, kicking point betting offers bettors a dynamic and strategic approach to online wagering, with the potential for diverse betting options, focused expertise, strategic depth, and profitability opportunities.

Limitations of kicking point betting

While kicking point betting offers exciting opportunities and strategic depth for bettors, it’s crucial to acknowledge that like any form of betting, it comes with its limitations. Understanding these limitations is vital for bettors to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of kicking point betting effectively. In this article, we will explore the limitations of kicking point betting, highlighting the importance of recognizing and addressing these challenges in the betting process.

Limited Action: Compared to betting on overall game outcomes or player performances, kicking point betting may offer limited action and fewer betting opportunities, especially in games with low-scoring or minimal kicking scenarios.

Dependency on Individual Performances: kicking point betting heavily relies on individual kicker performances, making it susceptible to fluctuations based on a single player’s performance on any given day. Factors like injuries, form sign, and psychological factors can significantly impact outcomes.

Volatile Nature: The volatile nature of kicking points, particularly in sporting activities like soccer and rugby, where penalty kicks and conversion attempts can be infrequent yet decisive, adds an element of unpredictability to kicking point betting, making it challenging to consistently predict outcomes.

Reduced Market Coverage: kicking point betting may have reduced market coverage compared to more mainstream betting options, leading to limited availability of odds and betting opportunities.

Weather Dependency: Weather conditions can have a significant impact on kicking accuracy, especially in outdoor sporting activities like football and rugby. Bettors need to consider weather forecasts and how adverse conditions may affect kicking performances, adding a layer of complexity to betting decisions.

Scoring Variability: The variability in scoring patterns for different types of kicks, such as field goals and PATs, can make it challenging to predict precise outcomes, leading to potential discrepancies between predicted and actual points scored.

Lower Public Attention: kicking point betting may garner less public attention and media coverage compared to other popular betting markets, potentially resulting in fewer resources and information available for bettors to make informed decisions for more points.

NFL Kicking Props and Extra Points Betting Guide

NFL kicking props have grown in popularity over the years. There used to be a time when there were only a handful of football prop bets on offer, but there are now multiple NFL kicking props to choose from.


Our guide to betting on NFL kicking props covers all the popular options and explains the ins and outs of each bet. Keep reading to learn how to wager on field goals made, PAT made and kicking points.

Kicking Props – Field Goals Made

Field goals made is arguably the most popular bet when it comes to NFL kicking props. Also referred to as “FG made” by some sportsbooks, this wager allows you to predict how many field goals a player will make in a game.

A field goal is made by kicking the ball through the opponent’s goalposts, utilizing a place kick. A successful field goal is worth three points to the offensive team.

Here is an example of the field goals made market:

Harrison Butker: Over 1.5 (-105) / Under 1.5 (-125)

Jake Moody: Over 1.5 (+100) / Under 1.5 (-130)

NFL Kicking Props – PAT Made

For those unaware, PAT stands for a point after touchdown. Also known as an extra point, a PAT occurs after a touchdown, giving the scoring team the chance to add another point by kicking the ball through the goalposts.

PATs tend to be more common than field goals. As a result, you will typically find higher numbers in sportsbooks’ PAT-made market. Still, the idea of the market is the same as field goals made.

Let’s take a look at how the bookies present the PAT-made market:

Harrison Butker: Over 2.5 (+110) / Under 2.5 (-140)

Jake Moody: Over 2.5 (-120) / Under 2.5 (-110)

NFL Picks

NFL Kicking Props – Kicking Points

The last of our kicking props concerns kicking points. This bet enables you to wager on how many points a kicker will score throughout a game.

Kicking points are the total number of points achieved for both field goals and PAT. It is worth remembering that field goals are worth three points, while a PAT adds one extra point.

For example, let’s say that a kicker racks up three extra points and two field goals in a game. When you add the three extra points to the six points for the two field goals, you get a final score of nine points.

Here’s an example of this NFL kicking prop:

Harrison Butker: Over 6.5 (-135) / Under 6.5 (+105)

Jake Moody: Over 7.5 (+110) / Under 7.5 (-140)

That concludes our guide to betting on NFL kicking props. Hopefully, the information on this page will stand you in good stead for wagering on NFL kicking props in the future.


What sports commonly involve kicking point betting?

kicking point betting is prevalent in sports such as soccer, rugby, American football, Australian Rules Football, and Gaelic football. These sports involve various forms of kicking, such as penalty kicks, field goals, conversion attempts, and free kicks, which are central to kicking point betting.

How can weather conditions impact kicking point betting?

Weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can significantly affect kicking performance. Strong winds can alter the trajectory of kicks, making accuracy challenging, while wet or icy conditions can affect a kicker’s footing and stability.

What factors should bettors consider when analyzing kickers for betting purposes?

Bettors should analyze kickers based on their accuracy, success rates in different scenarios (such as penalty kicks or field goals), performance under pressure, distance capabilities, and historical data. Understanding a kicker’s proficiency, strengths, weaknesses, and track record can help bettors make informed decisions and predict kicking outcomes accurately.


kicking point betting transcends sports boundaries, offering a dynamic and strategic approach to sports wagering. Whether it’s analyzing penalty kicks in soccer, field goals in American football, or conversion attempts in rugby, kicking point betting provides bettors with diverse opportunities to engage with their favourite sports and players.

By understanding the nuances of kicking points, leveraging data analytics, and adopting responsible betting practices, bettors in Las Vegas or anywhere in the US can now elevate their betting experience and unlock the potential for profitable outcomes. Embrace the excitement of kicking point betting and embark on a thrilling journey where every kick counts towards betting success.

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