America’s Bookie Offers Competitive NFL Money Line Odds

America’s Bookie Offers Competitive NFL Money Line Odds

Most of the betting action on NFL games at America’s Bookie gravitates towards the point spread and total line. However, the competitive odds offered by this top-rated online sportsbook adds some tremendous value to betting these games on the NFL money line.

NFL Money Line Bets Explained

A money line bet is based on a straight-up head-to-head matchup. There is more financial risk betting the favorite to win and there is a bigger return on investment betting the underdog. The competitive aspect of these betting lines is tied to the actual odds for each team.

For example, Book A has the Minnesota Vikings listed as +145 road underdogs in an NFC North tilt against the favored Green Bay Packers with -170 odds.

In this betting scenario, you would have to risk $170 to win $100 betting the Packers as home favorites. The return on a $100 bet on the Vikings as road underdogs would be $145 if they can pull off the straight-up upset.

The NFL money line odds for this same game at America’s Bookie might have Minnesota listed as a +150 underdog and Green Bay set as a -165 favorite. By tightening up the betting odds on either side of this bet, there is more money to be saved or earned depending on the outcome.

If you bet the Packers and lose, you would only owe $165 as opposed to the $170 owed to Book A. While nobody bets to lose, paying less juice on a losing bet can add up to be quite a bit of savings over the course of an entire NFL season.

If you took a chance on the Vikings as underdogs and its does payoff, you would earn $150 on that $100 bet at America’s Bookie. The return at Book A was only $145. Once again, earning an extra five dollars on a winning bet can add up to quite a bit of money by season’s end.

Tips for Winning NFL Money Line Bets This Season

The best way to bet the money line for NFL games is to shop the lines when they are first released. If you find the favorable betting line you are looking for, place the wager right away. If you are looking for more favorable odds on a particular matchup, you can wait things out and see if the betting odds move in your direction.

As a general rule of thumb, money line odds tend to move towards the favorite as the week wears on. When betting favorites, you may want to pull the trigger on an actual bet as soon as the odds are released.

Betting underdogs takes more of a wait and see approach if you believe the early money will come in on the favorite.

Finding the absolute best time to bet a NFL game on the money line is still a bit of a guessing game. Sometimes the public leans heavily towards the underdog, especially when they are playing at home.

Tracking the lines as you get closer and closer to kickoff is the best way to stay on top of the early money coming in from the public and the smart money from the sharps.

Betting the games at America’s Bookie is also a smart way to make the most of your overall sports betting strategy. In business for more than a decade, this top-rated online book has become America’s most trusted bookie.