Bellator 273 Odds and Predictions

Bellator 273 Odds and Predictions

Bellator will showcase their first event for the new calendar year. The main attraction will be a heavyweight title fight against current champion Ryan Bader and interim champ Valentin Moldavsky.

When: January 29, 2022, at 10 PM EST

Where: Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Watch: Showtime

Ryan Bader vs. Valentin Moldavsky Prediction

Bader is arguably still a dominant force, as he once held belts in both heavyweight and light heavyweight. However, his recent attempt at another light heavyweight run left him being knocked out in the semifinals of the Grand Prix.

He returns to heavyweight, where he appears to be much better with the weight adjustments. His chin will also thank him too.

The first round will show a lot of details that will dictate the rest of the battle. Bader will most likely come out hot and seek a knockout.

Valentin is a bit different, as he will typically grind out a battle with a mix of high-quality wrestling and a high amount of strikes. With that being said, Valentin looks poised to take over as the new heavyweight champ.

Best Bet: Valentin wins via decision

Islam Mamedov vs. Benson Henderson Prediction

Benson Henderson used to be a dominant force in the UFC. He had even earned the honors of being a lightweight champion.

Now, he is fighting off a three-fight losing streak and faces a potential contender for the division. Regardless of who wins, it could very well lead to a title shot.

Mamedov has proven to be able to grind out victories and spend a lot of time on the ground. This matchup will be another one of those situations.

As upsetting as it is to see Henderson somewhat declining, Mamedov should be able to take over this fight after the second round with an aggressive approach to takedowns.

Best Bet: Mamedov wins via decision

Henry Corrales vs. Aiden Lee Prediction

Corrales makes the move back to featherweight and has looked impressive lately in his Bellator battles. He is a proven striker that can pick apart fighters.

Lee is going to be a tough matchup, as he can adapt to any fighter. His style has worked over the years, as he usually takes fights to the ground and is a proficient striker.

The best bet here is who can control the pace. Both fighters are capable of standing and trading shots, with the edge slightly going to Corrales.

If Lee can slow it down and potentially move the fight to the ground, then it favors him. But, Corrales has a way of remaining on his feet and ending battles his way.

Best Bet: Corrales wins via TKO

Bellator 273 Betting Lines

Keep in mind that these odds could change. DraftKings has the moneyline for the following matchups:

Ryan Bader (+205) vs. Valentin Moldavsky (-255)

Benson Henderson (+290) vs. Islam Mamedov (-380)

Henry Corrales (+100) vs. Aiden Lee (-120)

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