Benefits of Paying your PPH via Bitcoin

Most of you taking the time to read this probably know exactly what a PPH is, however, there may be some that aren’t as familiar with PPH  services-who they are and what they offer. Let’s take a moment and review exactly what a PPH is. 

A PPH is what’s better known as a (Pay Per Head). You are the player, the PPH is the bookie. The bookie is operating their sportsbook under the blanket of a PPH somewhere. A PPH is an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all-in-one. When you, the gambler, decide to find an online sportsbook and casino, there is a very high percentage that the online bookie you sign-up with is operating as a PPH. Different PPH groups have different rules and the way in which they may operate may very well be different than any other sportsbook. On the other hand, they may have the exact same rules that you are accustomed to. Most of the time, players (gamblers), (you), will have no idea that your sportsbook of choice is a PPH. Most online bookmakers are operating under the blanket of a PPH.

Cheap PPH services. Something to worry about?

The main function of a PPH is, of course, to take your sports and casino wagers. What they offer in the way of wagering and sports may vary and you may have several sportsbooks that you do business with. As a matter of fact, smart players absolutely look for several great online bookies. This is the smart way of conducting business as a gambler. You must have options, when one bookie is not offering the sport you want to bet on, then another one will be, or when one bookie is not offering the lines and odds that you had hoped for, then you find one in your arsenal that is. 

Money: Bitcoin

One of the biggest problems for gamblers nowadays is getting the money in. Unbelievably, this is true. One would think that depositing would be the easiest part of gambling, however, this is often not the case. Depositing can be a nightmare on many levels, starting with logistics. Most bookies are asking for an online wallet of some kind, with a third-party. This can work on some level and it often does, however, it gets expensive. Bookies that want the money in right now – the moment you want to get the money in – those bookies have chosen Bitcoin. Bitcoin has fast caught on with PPH bookies as one of the quickest and least expensive deposit methods


You may or may not think of Bitcoin as an investment and you may have no idea of the value of Bitcoin. Let’s face it, most folks know nothing about Bitcoin, how it came about or what it’s origins really are. This is not the important part. (Yes you should familiarize yourself with the value of Bitcoin) but worrying about the investment value or mining for Bitcoin, that’s not why we are here. We know this; Bitcoin has proven to be a stable commodity and online vendors love the ease of use. 

Finding a great Bitcoin wallet is first and foremost for every online gambler and here is why:

The PPH sportsbooks are offering fantastic sign-up deals when you come in with Bitcoin. Some are offering a 200% bonus, others a 150% and casino chips, and even others are offering free bets, low rollover, and even more great incentives. 

How do Free Trials work at PPH Shops?

The bookies wants you, but they want you to come in with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is much easier and much more cost-effective than credit cards and it’s certainly a much better option than Western Union or MoneyGram. The fact of the matter is this; getting the money in for the bookies has become a hassle the traditional way and it’s expensive and risky due to charge-backs. Bitcoin offers a no hassle way of depositing for the gambler and an extremely cost-effective and low-risk way in which to receive money for the PPH bookies. 

Opening a Bitcoin wallet is absolutely easy and there are many great ones to choose from. Do yourself a favor and conduct a quick Google search for “Bitcoin wallet reviews”. From there you can make the best choice and get started today.

If you love free bets, deposit bonuses, casino chips, and free play, then you must call your PPH bookie and deposit with Bitcoin today. Not only is Bitcoin beneficial to you from a players perspective, but it will also make your life easier when it comes deposit time, and most definitely will make a difference in your overall spending.