Betting Early Season NBA Games

The NBA’s regular season schedule gets underway toward the end of October as part of an 82-game race to the playoffs. In an extended postseason, the top eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conference battle it out in best-of-seven series for a spot in the NBA Finals to determine that year’s champion.

That adds up to quite a bit of opportunity to bet on the games at top-ranked online bookmakers. The NBA has grown to become one of the biggest US professional leagues in terms of sports betting revenue. For anyone interested in betting on the games, now is the time to formulate a strategy that improves your overall winning percentage and return on investment.

It is easy to find betting advice from some of the best handicappers in the sports betting business. However, any NBA betting strategy you do employ should match your betting habits and more importantly your betting budget.

Use the Preseason Games to Evaluate Each Team’s Overall Situation

The NBA preseason schedule does give bettors a chance to evaluate each team’s starting five and overall team depth. This is especially important if there are quite a few new faces on the roster. It also lets you see which players are coming into the new season healthy and which ones may miss the first few games of the regular season due to lingering injuries and other health concerns.

Find the Odds To Win The NBA Championship

While you should not focus your handicapping efforts on the outcome of these exhibition games, they are an excellent way to get a good look at a team in general. If one of its top scorers is not playing in these games, there is a good chance they will remain out of the lineup in the first few games that do count in the standings.

Betting The Early Season NBA Moneyline

While the excitement of that opening round of games might tempt you to get carried away with betting action on multiple contests, you need to temper your enthusiasm by looking for the best value on the board. Every NBA team would love to get its new season off to a fast start. 

The reality of this league dictates that the top five or six teams in each conference will most likely get that fast start out of the gate while the bottom five or six teams in both the East and the West will lose way more games than they win. 

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This is not to say there will not be some upsets along the way, but in general terms, the early lean should be towards the favorites. This opens up an excellent chance for some straight-up bets on the NBA money line. 

While the betting risk riding the favorites is greater, you are taking the spread out of play. Betting the early games SU is another way to get a good feel for all 30 teams. You still need to pick and choose your spots with this type of bet.

General Betting Advice for The Early NBA Season

It is always best to start slow with a few high confidence bets. Stay away from the early marquee matchups that are bound to be heavily bet. Look for early games that are off the national radar to find the best value in the betting lines.

By picking and choosing your spots with games that may have soft betting lines, you are giving yourself the best chance to get a few early wins under your belt. Keep the betting units low until you get a good feel for all 30 teams.

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