How to Bet on College Basketball Player Props

Want to learn how to bet on college basketball player props? We’ve got you covered. With lots of different markets to choose from, we thought it would be a good idea to go over all the popular options.

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Hopefully, our comprehensive guide to college basketball player props will set you up for success. Stay tuned to discover everything you need to know about points, rebounds, assists, threes and other markets.

Betting on Player Points

When it comes to betting on college basketball player props, wagering on points is undoubtedly one of the most popular options. As the name suggests, this market enables you to bet on the total number of points scored by a player.

For example, Player A is priced at -120 to score over 14.5 points and -110 to score under 14.5 points. All you need to do is predict whether Player A will score over or under the points total set by the bookmaker.

Betting on Player Rebounds

Of course, points win basketball games, but rebounds present another exciting option for bettors. For those unaware, a rebound occurs when a shot misses the net and the ball bounces back into the hands of a player below.

You bet on player rebounds in the same way that you bet on player points. The bookies will set the line, giving bettors the chance to predict whether the player will register over or under a certain number of rebounds.

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Betting on Player Assists

If you’re serious about betting on college basketball player props, you need to explore assists. An assist is a pass that leads directly to a field goal, meaning dozens of assists are recorded during every basketball game.

For instance, you can get odds of +100 for Player B to achieve over 4.5 assists and odds of -130 for Player B to achieve under 4.5 assists. After weighing up the options, you can opt for over or under based on your prediction.

Betting on Player Threes

A three-point field goal (also known as a 3-pointer, three or trey) is a shot scored from beyond the three-point line, which is an arc surrounding the basket. All the top college basketball sportsbooks allow you to bet on how many threes a player will score in a game.

There is nothing complicated about these college basketball player props. All you need to do is predict whether a player will score over or under the given number of threes. It is worth noting, however, that certain players specialize in threes.

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More College Basketball Player Props

The four main college basketball player props are points, rebounds, assists and threes. That said, different bookmakers offer their own unique markets, so we recommend exploring a variety of betting sites to find the best options.

For example, some bookies offer player combos that include points, rebounds and assists. This market combines the total number of points, rebounds and assists that a player must register in order for the bet to land.

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