College Football Teaser Picks for Week 3

Teaser bets are a really fun way to do college football betting, and I think that there is a real edge in identifying lines that don't have a ton of downside if done right just due to the state of college football and how scores generally end up.

This first one will consist of 3 totals that I want to tease down 10 points to get a really nice setup on games that should provide plenty of offense, at least from one side of the game.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma Teaser Picks

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma Betting Preview

Total: 62 Points - Teased to Over 52 Points

This is a game between two power five programs that probably prioritize offense over defense in every single way possible in their building. Oklahoma is a team we can rely on, scoring 40 points every single week barring a disaster, especially depending on the pace and execution of their opponents.

That is why I love teasing this total down to a point where we could see Oklahoma cover this one almost single-handedly if the Cornhuskers were to come out and throw up a dud performance. Since a dud performance from the Cornhuskers would likely result in turnovers and a bunch of negative plays, we assume that the Sooners will throw up plenty of points and cover without much help.

How weird would this game have to be to end 38-14? Pretty weird.

Tulsa vs. Ohio State Teaser Picks

Tulsa vs. Ohio State Betting Preview

Total: 61 Points - Teased to Over 51 Points

This Ohio State defense looks about as bad as this Tulsa offense, and the missed assignments and foolish errors look like something that could happen on any snap. Not mistakes that were made because they were playing some elite offense.

While I don't think that Tulsa's offense is any good at all, why can't they put together one drive and break off one big play? Even then, if this Tulsa offense is inept, won't the Buckeyes put up 40+ in the first half if they are starting on the 50 each time and get eight possessions? Yes, they will. I really can't see a viable scenario where this one hits the under.

Alabama vs. Florida Teaser Picks

Alabama vs. Florida Betting Preview

Total: 60 Points - Teased to Over 50 Points

This matchup is pretty simple. Each team has answers for the defensive scheme of their opponent, and while I don't have a ton of faith in either offense do drive up, and down the field at will, we will see multiple explosive plays in this game that clear this total easily.

I expect a game into the 60s, and if the Gators do struggle to move the ball, Alabama will score too many to keep us under here.

NCAAF Week 3 Teaser Predictions (7-Point)

Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia Best Bet

Here, I just want to find bets where I can tease through smart numbers where I like the team already, and that starts with Virginia Tech +10 vs. West Virginia. I just think that West Virginia will have a hard time being more than 10 points better than any average P5 school, and that is what Virginia Tech is at this point.

Virginia vs. North Carolina Best Bet

Virginia can move up to +15.5 against the Tar Heels, and I love that number because we go through 10, 13, and 14, and we give ourselves a spot that just makes too much sense. UNC doesn't have the offensive weapons of last year, and I expect to see this game stay very close throughout.

Michigan State vs. Miami Best Bet

Michigan State +13.5 rounds out this pick with a team that has utilized the transfer portal well and looks legitimately competitive through two weeks vs. a Miami team, which I have no interest in betting on in the near future.

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