Customizable Betting Odds With Real Bookies

One of the biggest ways that Real Bookies pay per head online software solutions helps you level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks are fully customizable betting lines and odds for a wide and diverse selection of sporting events.

Fast and easy access to sharp betting lines is the life blood of any private bookie’s business.

Building out your betting board to meet all of your customer’s individual betting needs has never been easier with Real Bookies’ customizable betting lines and odds.



Delivered timely and sharp, you always have the ability to adjust those betting lines to meet your own specific needs. You decide what sports events go on the board among one of the widest selection of options in the pay per head industry. You will also have the ability to make mass edits across the board or make any necessary changes in betting and/or credit limits on an account by account basis.

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Along with all the major sports, you will have instant access to the latest betting lines for secondary betting sports such as soccer, MMA fighting, boxing, tennis, golf and motor sports.

As an added convenience, there is a separate section just for betting futures, props and other specialty options. All the odds are updated on a regular basis and expanded to include the most popular betting events. All-in-all, Real Bookies give you direct access to betting lines and odds for more than 80 sports leagues. The action spans across the US and around the world.

This is just one of the vital sports betting services that is part of Real Bookies’ pay per head software solutions package. Owned and operated by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software, this bookie services package takes a comprehensive and turnkey approach to successfully running and managing an independent bookmaking operation online.

Along with the necessary solutions to book sports bets online, private bookies receive the necessary software applications to also run an expanded racebook for horse betting as well as an online Las Vegas-style casino complete with live-dealer table games.

The most successful bookies understand just how important these multiple streams of revenue can be to meeting set financial goals. With Real Bookies by your side, you can establish yourself as a full-service independent bookmaker that can handle all of your customer’s online gambling needs.


Another important way that Real Bookies helps you make the most of your customized betting board is through your own easy to use website. Creating a highly professional online presence is the most powerful marketing tool you will have in the box. 

Along with a direct connection with your existing sports betting customer base, you can market your bookie services online to potential bettors that appreciate the higher level of customer service and attention to detail you can provide.

Based in Costa Rica, Real Bookies has been working side by side with bookie agents just like yourself for the past two decades. They have become the leading choice for private bookies, professional credit bookmakers and sports betting agents on a worldwide basis. This is a PPH service that understands that their long-term success is directly tied to the long-term success of the bookie agents they serves. 

When you sign on with Real Bookies, you are adding a silent business partner with your best interests top of mind. They are so confident in the bookie services and products they provide, you can get your first four weeks free as a no-obligation trial to test drive everything they have to offer.