Easy NCAA Football Week 8 Round Robin Bet

Round robin bets are for the “I think these will hit” picks of the week. The underdogs that have a pretty decent shot at winning and odds that say otherwise. 

Overs that seem a bit high, but your gut says they will hit. This is why we make round robin bets. Multiple low-value bets in anticipation that enough will work out so that we walk away in the green.

A three-team round robin bet, however, isn’t going to result in many combinations. So, we’re giving you some of the more reliable picks with close to even odds that will benefit from being parlayed.

Just a heads up, all three picks are point spreads. The spreads usually sit pretty around -110 or -120, which make them great bets to parlay. 

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College football loves its high-scoring shootouts, which make spreads a pretty decent wager. Going after massive ones like Clemson against Syracuse this weekend (-46.0) is rarely the right move, but going after 10- to 20-point differences can be pretty lucrative.

We’ve used that strategy here for a few of the picks.

Illinois Fighting Illini at Wisconsin Badgers Pick

Best Bet: Wisconsin Badgers -19.5 (-110)

The first pick we’re taking is Wisconsin against the spread (-19.5 at -110). Some big losses on offense, plus a new quarterback at the helm with Jack Coan’s injury, warrant a few question marks in the first Big Ten game of the year, but I don’t think it’s worth worrying about. 

Illinois will keep this game close if Wisconsin’s offense crumbles, but the Badgers’ defense is going to be incredibly tough to get by. Illinois’ offense is good, but it’s not necessarily Wisconsin good.

If last year’s Illinois upset of Wisconsin worries you a bit and makes you hesitant to take this pick, you’re smart. However, smart is knowing that lightning doesn’t strike twice, and Wisconsin are an elite team. 

Elite teams win, and they win by a lot. First conference game? Players and coaches excited to be back on the field? 

They’re going to hit each other, and they’re going to hit each other hard. Wisconsin hits harder for us.

Kansas Jayhawks at Kansas State Wildcats Pick

Best Bet: Kansas State Wildcats -20 (-110)

Kansas State beating Kansas at a 20-point spread (-110) is quite frankly a steal. Kansas is simply not a competitive football team right now, and I don’t think a rivalry game is going to resurrect both sides of the football for them. 

The math is simple. On one hand, you have a very strong football team that has proven itself as such so far this season. 

On the other hand, you have a football team that has done the exact opposite. No wins, a mediocre offense, and an abysmal defense. 

I’m not one for letting history dictate present outcomes, but Kansas State is also looking to continue its 11-game winning streak in this rivalry. At a certain point, it’s smart to bet on the trends, and the trend of this game is that Kansas State has it locked up and is going to run up the score. There’s no reason not to.

North Carolina State Wolfpack at North Carolina Tar Heels Pick

Best Bet: North Carolina Tar Heels -17.5 (-105)

Apologies for another rivalry game, but the last pick we’re taking for this three-team round robin bet is the spread with North Carolina over North Carolina State. Getting -105 odds for North Carolina to win by 17.5 points? I’ll take it.

North Carolina State just lost its starting quarterback last week. Bailey Hockman will take the reins, which isn’t foreign to him. He played the first two games of the season and his performance definitely left something to be desired. 

He looked just fine in the first game but very much underperformed in the second. The Wolfpack are surely going to score a few touchdowns, but they won’t be able to keep up with the Tar Heels.

North Carolina had a hiccup against a solid Florida State team last weekend but still managed to show its grit in almost coming all the way back in the second half.

The Tar Heels run through North Carolina State in this rivalry game by a hefty scoreline.

Round Robin Parlay – One of the most popular exotic bets these days for its ease of use. In simple terms, a round robin bet is a combination of multiple teams, combined together, in multiple parlay plays at the same time. How to Bet Round Robin Bets.

3-team Round Robin in 2-team combinations: 3 parlays

4-team Round Robin in 2-team combinations: 6 parlays

4-team Round Robin in 3-team combinations: 4 parlays

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