Finding Daily Value Betting The NBA

Sports bettors can find themselves experiencing a sense of overload at certain times of the year. During the holidays in November and December, there are five major betting sports in play. Along with the NFL, NBA, and NHL, you have football and basketball in the college ranks.

Right up until April, college hoops attracts most of the attention of basketball bettors along with the NBA. Come the extended postseason throughout the spring months, NHL playoff games share the spotlight with the NBA’s run to that season’s championship. You can also add at the start of a new MLB season.

Betting Alternative Props in The NBA

Through it all from October through June, the one league that offers a steady source of betting value is professional basketball in the NBA. With 30 teams playing an extended 82-game schedule in the regular season followed by an almost two-month postseason with four rounds of best-of-seven series, the NBA offers a steady supply of betting action at your favorite online sportsbook.

Given the wealth of opportunities to bet on the games, it is logical to make this league a big part of your overall sports betting strategy. If you start with the opening tips in mid-October and closely follow the action right through the championship series, properly handicapping the NBA becomes rather easy to do. There is a certain amount of predictability to a sport that is controlled by five starters and a handful of other players coming off the bench.

Since this sport is on the board almost every single day for close to eight months, a certain level of familiarity leads to a higher level of predictability. One of the biggest tips for betting the NBA on a daily basis is to closely study the schedule.

The Right Strategy For Betting NBA Parlays

All 30 teams are fresh in the early stages of the season, but as the schedule grinds on so does the wear and tear on that small group of players. Look for advantages such as going with a hot home team playing an extended stint in front of the hometown crowd. There are also a number of great opportunities to go against a team playing its third or possibly fourth-straight road game in a short span of time.

One thing to always look at when handicapping the NBA is a detailed and accurate injury report. Another factor that is starting to have more and more impact in this league is the healthy scratches of top players. Sitting a player for rest is becoming an accepted practice in the NBA because of the season’s long grind. This is something that needs to be accounted for in any game you bet.

Tracking line movement right up until tip-off is a good way to see where the betting money is going on any particular day of games. This sets up the chance to bet against the public in certain situations as well as going with the smart money when the movement has been more than a point or two.

Betting Early Season NBA Games

Savvy NBA bettors look for daily opportunities on the spread, total line and the money line at their favorite online betting sites. When the spread is just a few points or less, this adds some excellent value to the money line odds for the favorite and the underdog. Analyzing each team’s scoring trends could create some added value for betting a game’s total.

When you add it all up, there are many ways to break down each day’s NBA matchups. The chances remain high that you will find at least one high-value play on the board.