Finding the Best Handicapping Service

If you’ve been betting for any amount of time, chances are you’ve seen advertisements promoting sports handicapping services. While some of these services are reputable, transparent and winning money for their clients consistently, there are way more services that are outright scams.

What Is a Sports Handicapping Service?

Sports handicapping services sell predictions and picks to bettors.

Some services focus on a specific sport or in some cases on a single bet type or league/team, while there are other services that provide clients with predictions on multiple sports for one flat fee.

GameAdvisers is one of the best sports handicapping services that provides winning predictions on all of the major sports, even eSports, for one monthly fee. A lot of pick services charge per prediction or pick, however, at, bettors receive hundreds of picks monthly from professional bettors.

Important Factors When Researching Handicapping Services

Don’t fall for the ads promising unrealistic returns or claiming to have the “Lock of the Century”.

Too many services promise the moon, but don’t back it up with winning picks.

#1 – Transparency (Documented Results)

Don’t even consider joining a handicapping service without documented results. Check our handicapper review page for recommended sites.

The only reason a sports picks service wouldn’t post a historical archive with every result is because they’re trying to hide the fact that the service has been unprofitable long-term.

There’s no better way to sell a handicapping service either. By proving to bettors that a service has been profitable long-term, it builds up confidence and trust among potential clients.

#2 – Return on Investment, aka Making Money

All that really matters when considering a handicapping service is the return on investment (ROI).

Sports bettors that pay for predictions expect results.

The entire premise for buying sports picks is to turn a profit. What’s the point of paying for picks from a service without a proven track record of winning their clients money?

#3 – Cost

Your third consideration should be the cost of the sports picks service.

As I mentioned earlier, some services charge by the pick and can cost upwards of $25-$50+ for every prediction. Even if these picks are winning at a profitable rate, a lot of bettors would still lose money because they don’t have a big enough bankroll to bet big enough to make the picks profitable.

When you consider a service like Game Advisers, bettors receive hundreds of monthly picks from the leading expert handicappers in the industry. You’ll end up paying less than $1/pick, so even bettors that aren’t betting a lot per wager can still turn a profit with picks from GameAdvisers.

#4 – Customer Service

The best sports handicapping services provide excellent customer service.

They value their clients and gladly make themselves available to answer any and all questions. It’s not just about sending clients winning picks, making them better sports bettors should be a focus.

Best Sports Handicapping Service – GameAdvisers

Why is GameAdvisers the #1 sports picks service in the world?

It’s because they collate sports picks and predictions from the top 1% of expert handicappers.

They have access to an exclusive data feed from bookmakers, allowing them to track every pick. The technology created by the GA team then run algorithms to rank handicappers based on ROI and only release the highest-rated plays.

They can possibly release up 5 or more AI computer software predictions daily, they also have a stable of professional bettors that release premium sports picks daily and they have a wealth of sports data, stats and trends.

All of the system picks and expert predictions are tracked and anyone can view the archive of picks in real-time. Released plays are added to the archive right after an event has started.

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